Apple releases watchOS 2.0 beta 2

“Alongside a new iOS 9 beta, Apple on Tuesday seeded a second beta of watchOS 2.0 to developers, marking another milestone towards the software’s public launch in the fall,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple states that the new code includes various bugfixes and unspecified improvements,” Fingas reports. “The software is identified as build 13S5255c.”

Fingas reports, “watchOS 2.0 is a 24.7-megabyte download that can only be installed via the Apple Watch companion app in the iOS 9 beta.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We want watchOS to recognize a repetitive activity or exercise (for example, crunches) and automatically prohibit Apple Watch’s display from turning on and off until the repetitive motion ceases. For 100 crunches, the Watch should turn on the first three reps, realize what’s going on, and remain off for the other 97, not blinking on and off for 100 reps as it does now.

With the sensors onboard, and the fineness of watchOS’s current and already-excellent “Activate on Wrist Raise” capability, this is a feature that seems doable, saving a bit of battery life and much user annoyance in the process.

Make the Watch smart, Apple. Right now, during certain exercises, it seems a bit stupid, or at least oblivious as to what the user is doing. (No, Watch, we’re not checking the time one hundred times every two seconds!)

Apple releases iOS 9 beta 2 to developers – June 23, 2015


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    Any ideas?

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