Apple requested 4K video content from Sony Pictures back in 2013

“Apple requested 4K video content from Sony Pictures back in 2013, according to recently leaked documents,” Cody Lee reports for iDownloadBlog.

“WikiLeaks on Thursday dumped another 200,000+ documents stemming from last year’s staggering Sony hack, and so far at least one Apple-related story has been uncovered,” Lee reports. “AppleInsider points to a materials access letter from Culver Digital Distribution, an entity associated with Sony Pictures, that serves as a formal agreement for “testing and/or preparing” 4K film and television content for non-exclusive distribution. And it has Eddy Cue’s signature on it.”

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“That Apple was — and likely still is — experimenting with 4K content is unsurprising given the company’s status as a leader in digital media distribution,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider. “To date, however, Apple has yet to make UHD movies or TV shows available through iTunes or its Apple TV set-top streamer. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we sit here looking at a gorgeous Sony 4K TV, any new sources of 4K content are definitely welcome. Bring on the 4K, Apple, we need to feed this beast!


  1. HD is still plenty good and we just need great stories and not so much higher resolution which seems like a crutch. And I’m a cinematographer! High res crap is still high-res crap.

    It appears 4K Blu-Rays will be coming out at the end of the year. The disc formats aren’t really dead yet because of the higher quality bit rate they can support. I’m not in any hurry though. Time only makes it cheaper and the bigger sets (which is what 4K is all about) 70 inches and bigger more affordable. I’ll have a 4K set in my editing bay long before I have one in the house. Your mileage may vary. 🙂

    1. The one thing I love & hate about digital technology is you can never “sit and rest a spell.” When you think how long NTSC was around and now HD seems to be getting the boot in it’s 15 minutes of short-lived fame it’s insane.

      Before you know it 8K and 16K will be impatiently knocking at the door and manufacturers eager to bail on prior formats in the pursuit of sales. When is it enough, or reasonably good enough?

    2. Your post sort of reads, “We don’t need 4K” in one paragraph, then “4K is coming and it’s going to get better and cheaper and I’ll have it in my edit bay” in the next.

      I’m a home theater enthusiast, audiophile/videophile, and a movie nut. I love watching movies. I love watching movies the very best way possible, in a manner as close as possible to a movie theater without actually going to a movie theater. That means I prefer a dedicated room with a large screen and large viewing angle for immersive picture and sound.

      So, I say “bring on the 4K!!!”

      I know what you mean about “sitting a spell”, though. Personally, I think 4K will be much longer-lived than HD. That resolution is very adequate even at large screen sizes. Hopefully, things can settle down a bit once 4K approaches something like ubiquity.

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