iOS 9 code: Apple’s ‘iPad Pro’ to feature 2732×2048 resolution

“Earlier today, a keyboard with much better support for the supposed iPad Pro, a device that has been rumored for some time now, was shown off thanks to the iOS 9 code,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Steve Troughton Smith and Hiraku Wang now suggest that the iPad Pro will feature a resolution of 2732×2048, which at 12.9-inches, comes out to 263 pixels-per-inch.”

“The current iPad Air 2 features a resolution of 2048×1536 at 9.7-inches,” Miller reports. “This means that the iPad Pro will nearly have the width resolution of two 9.7-inch iPads running next to each other. ”

Miller reports, “With iOS 9, Apple introduced a new Split-Screen [feature]… users of the iPad Pro could run nearly two full-size iPad apps side-by-side.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Will these 11-inch MacBook Airs – our favorite Macs ever – be our last portable Macs ever? (Doubtful for us, but for many, many people, the iOS 9-powered iPad Air 2 and future iPads may be more than enough to do everything they need and then some.)


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  1. all speculation until it happens into my hands

    if ever Apple makes an Apple Television – lol or
    if ever Apple makes a iPad Pro – lol

    the question really should be, why, Apple has covered all the computing levels already – adding features to the iPad advancing it in any way… truly has been a mistake.

    It was the most simplest – natural – intuitive operating system from the start, by which 1 year old children could actually use at the same time the game gap expanded to 99 year olds who never touched a computer before, now could use an iPad. Pro levels make complexity to a product that was so pure and simple. Apple would be killing it as they have with iOS8 and edge swiping. Hopefully iOS10 will have a switch to change for the age of the user.

    TO Bring iOS into PROsumer levels means what?
    The gap of OS X and IOS becomes smaller as is the pricing of Macbook Air to a iPad Air.

  2. The idea of replacing a Mac with an iPad is fanciful. Apple has already dumbed down many Mac apps – if they dumb down the Mac I (and many others) will move to windows. I already had to buy Office 365 after many years of running macs with no windows software. The iPad is more convenient for reading the news but less in every other way.

    1. Let’s be frank here, maybe Apple is better off without the Pro user business. Dropping servers did them no harm it seems, and pros want a cycles/$ ratio that may be unsustainable for Apple, given that many Windows OEMs compete on price alone, and one easily upgradable plastic box is a good as the next easily upgradable plastic box.

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