Apple looks to stop rivals from ripping off one of its most iconic Retail Store designs

“In the West, the most iconic Apple Store is probably the company’s glass cube for its Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac. “In the East, however, arguably Apple’s most recognizable retail outlet design is the 30-foot glass cylinder used for both the company’s Shanghai and Chongqing Apple Stores.”

“As Apple continues its rise in places like China, it is doing everything it can to stop rivals from ripping off its ideas — which is why it filed a design patent on the building, which was published today — naming none other than Steve Jobs as one of its inventors,” Dormehl reports. “Apple’s new design patent covers the iconic design for a further 14 years.”

Apple Store Pudong in Shanghai
Apple Store Pudong in Shanghai

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MacDailyNews Take: As if patents protect anything of Apple’s from wholesale theft.

More photos of Apple Store Pudong here.


  1. Too bad they can’t stop Microsoft from ripping off their store ideas.

    Microsoft recently announce plans to build their own glass cube but said that it won’t violate Apple’s design patents because their cube will be upside down.

  2. I think Apple is safe on this one. Most other retailers are too damn cheap to make something this awesome. Look at every other retail store, except for maybe a super high end, high fashion store. They all use the cheapest materials. Even Apple’s ceiling tiles are top notch, and who really looks at ceiling tiles?

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