The best and worst thing about the Apple Watch

“Since I got my Watch a little more than a month ago, I’ve been able to leave my phone in my pocket for most of the day. I get a ton of email, maybe even a hundred per day,” Jordan Golson writes for TechRepublic. “Now, with the Apple Watch, I get a subtle buzz on my wrist–and with a quick glance, I can see if it’s something that needs my attention or not.”

“So, if you get a lot of emails that you need to filter through, an Apple Watch could be the product for you,” Golson writes. “That is the biggest advantage for me–that and knowing at a glance what the temperature is outside (something I have set to display right on my watch face). That’s pretty useful too.”

“On the flip side, the biggest annoyance of the Watch is the utter lack of interesting apps,” Golson writes. “I think that many of these app complaints will be solved with watchOS 2, which was demoed last week at WWDC and will allow developers to build native apps for the Watch without relying on a master app on the iPhone. It will also help that developers will actually have watches to test their apps on, something that many developers didn’t have when they were first building their apps… and it showed.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve been wearing Apple Watches for about twice as long (over 7.5 weeks now). Yes, the apps will get better, but there certainly are some interesting apps out there. It depends on your interests. The MLB app, multiple news and weather apps, theScore, WatchCalc, and Apple’s Messages, Phone, Passbook (Apple Pay), Activity, Workout, Apple TV Remote, and Maps (turn-by-turn directions) apps are certainly interesting and very useful. We use them all day, every day.

Yes, some of the third party apps are slow and some need work by developers who are wearing Watches on their wrists, not just testing emulators on their displays. Patience. Apple Watches are just now hitting stores and watchOS 2 is on the way!


    1. You know what else is addicting… stupidity.

      The dictionary is going to update the definition of idiot to “anyone who bought an Apple Watch.”

      The worse thing about the Apple Watch is the unfortunate fact that it actually EXISTS!

      1. Your envy is showing. It’s just another watch, albeit the first smart watch with smarts – don’t want one, don’t buy one, pretty simple decision even for a complete idiot – which you already are, so, no, you don’t need to buy one to maintain your status. Must be hard for you as the job opps for village idiot are dwindling rapidly. Even here on MDN, we already have a full slate. bereanbob and 2014 and that davegreg guy are really giving you a run for your money. Keep coming though, if you really try, I think several people here, myself included, will elevate you to “Biggest Idiot on MDN. You go girl!


        1. @DoucheMZ

          The Apple Watch is not smart. On the contrary, it’s just as useless and ignorant as it’s users!

          The joke’s on every brain dead clown, every douchebag, every idiot, and each and every moron who blew their rent money so that they can blow watch kisses to their “life partner”.

          Don’t tell me bought it because you work out. You probably have a body like a bowler.

          As far as your “girl” reference, you probably suck better c^*k than any girl on the planet!


          1. Dear Brandy,

            Aw, did we hurt your precious feelings little girl? Maybe you should go back to your Barbies.

            Keep swinging, one day you’ll hit one.


  1. i heard a rumor that the mlb app was going to discontinue coverage of the red sox. something about lack of interest or lack of ability, forget which.

  2. MDN – you missed in your take how accurate Siri is on Apple WATCH. I use Siri to set timers, alarms and add items to lists now, because it’s become much more accurate with WATCH vs iPhone or iPad. I had all but given up on Siri, until I got my WATCH.

  3. I think a lot of people fail to consider that Apple Watch was not made for the same interactions that our iPhones and iPads are. I’m not likely to want to use my Apple Watch to read a lot of email, read more than just news headlines, etc. I will want to use my iPhone for those things. That being said, my Apple Watch has been awesome. My only issue with it is that I sometimes feel a bit over notified. That’s my problem though. I just need to do more customization of the settings.

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