Spotify founder: Oh ok, we don’t need to be number one in music streaming

“Playing down the threat to his business from the world’s most valuable company, the founder of music streaming service Spotify said the industry was big enough for several players and his firm did not have to be number one,” Sven Nordenstam reports for Reuters.

“‘To me it is enough to be among the top three,’ Daniel Ek told Swedish business daily Dagens Industri in an interview published on Thursday, his first since Apple launched its streaming service in an industry packed with competition,” Nordenstam reports. “‘But right now we have an advantage of being the number one in music,’ said Ek, who is also Spotify’s chief executive, adding his ambition was to keep that position.”

MacDailyNews Take: Uh ok.

Nordenstam reports, “In an apparent response to the launch of the Apple Music service, Spotify posted a note of thanks to its clients on its blog on Wednesday, saying it now had more than 20 million subscribers and more than 75 million active users, roughly double the numbers a year ago.”

MacDailyNews Take: Just 20 million paying customer? Pfft.

Apple Music launches in over 100 countries in nineteen days.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: From denial (“Oh ok”) to acceptance in just three days. Congrats on getting to the fifth stage of grief so quickly, Danny boy!


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  1. ‘But right now we have an advantage of being the number one in music,”

    “Advantages” vaporize quickly usually when Apple enters the picture. Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, etc. once had advantages too. I hope you’ll also soon be happy with “also-ran.”

    1. Spotify has the “advantage” of already losing money BEFORE Apple even enters the market.

      At best, Spotify’s business model was on life support before Apple Music, (just like Pandora, btw.)

      They are now dead men walking.

  2. Double standards, MDN. You (justifiably) rake CEOs over the coals for making bombastic over-confident comments about how Apple has no chance when entering their field, now you turn around and mock one when they’re showing humility and acknowledging the threat Apple poses to them, saying their goal/ambition is to keep the number one spot like any other company in their position?

    1. Agreed…I don’t have any ill will towards spotify. The CEO speaks the truth. It was a different case with Dell, Balmer t clown and the blackberry guys- they were trash-talkin and it was fun to see them eat crow in the end…

    2. It was Ek’s “uh ok” response to Apple Music that started this, not his newfound acceptance of the fact that Spotify will be thoroughly eclipsed by Apple Music.

      1. Except the tweet was “Oh ok.” MDN even reported it correctly the first time:

        Since it’s not a direct quote, “Uh ok” *is* MDN’s take, because it has a far more negative and dismissive connotation. “Oh ok” to me sounds more like he wasn’t blown away by the reveal, which is not the same as implying Apple has no chance. But then, I’m not an editor trying to fan the flames to make a story out of a molehill.

        For those who think I’m splitting hairs and that the difference of a single character doesn’t change the meaning, please refer to lawsuits that were decided on the basis of a single misplaced or missing comma.

  3. What does MDN have against Spotify? As I understand it it’s a fairly decent product. What’s wrong with having options? They’re hardly ripping Apple off or anything. MDN seems to be getting increasingly anti everything that isn’t Apple to the point where I question their opinion. I’m an Apple fan, but that doesn’t mean I automatically love everything it does and hate everything from other companies.

    1. Cripe it’s a fan site so chill. I mean, it’s not called “Unbiased Tech Daily News.” I don’t comment on about how wonderful Baltimore is. You gotta temper your expectations. Let’s hear no more of this whining.

      1. Yes, but the ‘free’ ones will stay with Spotify so they will still have 75M – 20M = 55M free users! With that number and $2.50 they can still buy a cup of coffee.

      2. I don’t use Spotify at all. Tried it, didn’t need it. Didn’t carry on. I have no problem with people loving Apple, I do, but MDN seems to automatically back everything Apple does and attack anything that is remotely in competition with it as if by even attempting to do something Apple is they are destined to fail and that Apple are guaranteed to succeed. I’m pro Apple, but MDN’s responses are beginning to get predictable.

  4. I don’t understand why there should be any animosity towards Spotify from the Apple crowd. Did Spotify do something wrong? Is it okay for businesses to exist not named Apple? If anything, it could argued that Apple is horning in on Spotify’s turf – not the other way around. Spotify was there before Apple and proved it a successful business model way before Apple ever decided to give it a go. And yet it would seem that this, like so many other things, is quite incomprehensible to many here at MDN.

  5. Smart CEO!!!
    no reason in the world to compete. just offer your idea of a good feature set, enough music, add video, keep staff relatively small, server fees low, etc. and just rake in the money that comes. don’t panic. at $10, people can afford both spotify and apple. dude, ceo dude, we may need you in the top position at apple. we are watching you now. so, good luck.

  6. Smart CEO is right. Can they co-exist? Likely.

    I’ve been a paying Spotify customer for 6 months and I’m very happy with their offering thus far, and they seem to be adding features all the time. Their latest running feature works really well for me.

    Wishing them ill-will to me is just childish like many, (not all) of MDN’s ‘takes’ and continued overuse of the ‘beleaguered’ headline. (It’s old and not funny anymore. Really.)

    And I guess that’s what it will be, what works for each user. Some will choose one or the other or some will choose both. I guess we will see, and I think it;s pretty cool this guy recognizes what he’s up against, and has a healthy attitude about it. Bravo.

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