Is WWDC the catalyst to break Apple stock above $133?

“Apple will kick off its Worldwide Developers Conference Monday in San Francisco,” Richard Saintvilus writes for Seeking Alpha. “And aside from rumors related to possible hardware and software unveiling, the question I’m most interested in is, “Will AAPL stock finally break above its resistance level at $133 which has served like a fortress for the past three months?” Note, I own AAPL stock and I trade a block of shares whenever it suits me.”

“I’m not expecting any new hardware announcements Monday. Software – particularly iOS 9 – is where the action will be. There will likely be a revamped OS X operating system for the new line of Macs,” Saintvilus writes. “But the real star of the show will be what Apple finally unveils for its move into on-demand music and the realm of radio streaming.”

“Any news regarding the Apple Watch, especially year-to-date sales figures (or projections) will send AAPL stock materially higher,” Saintvilus writes. “It was precisely at last June’s Worldwide Developers Conference when the narrative about Apple changed. Innovation was back. Growth had returned, facilitating the commensurate demise of Samsung and the recent struggles seen in Google; and neither company has yet to fully recover. What has AAPL stock done during the span? How about soaring 50% from a split-adjusted price of around $90 to its recent 52-week high of $134.54. And there is evidence to suggest that Apple – following its WWDC event – will heighten the pressure on its competitors, while at the same time sending its shares towards new heights.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For what it’s worth (not much), with AAPL stock, we’ve learned, anything is possible. What do you think? WWDC a catalyst for AAPL to go higher, lower, or no catalyst at all, leaving the stock just treading water?


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    1. Betteridges Law of Headlines applies here. If there’s nothing shiny to show at WWDC, investors will not bite. Any drop is already priced in. There is little in the way of revenue generation that’s going to be announced. Apple Music will be competing with iTunes, TV contracts seem to be stalling, Apple Watch is still recovering from supply issues and it’s still not 100% clear to investors whether it will take off or not.

      Good Apple Watch news will keep the stock stable, bad Apple Watch news (or no news) will sink the stock lower.

      Full Disclaimer: I sold some of my stock @ 130 as my AAPL weighting was getting too high.

    1. It is mostly dependant on you and John / Suzy Q Public who will start to buy or ignore AAPL stock. If you don’t personally buy some stock now, who will? It is the public that create the demand and cause prices to rise. Tell all your friends and relatives to buy AAPL and the price will rise. Those Wall Street traders will gladly sell to you and Apple is also buying back their own stock with drives prices up. Scarcity is what make things expensive. Wall Street will only buy when prices are low and people are ‘taking profit’ or panic selling.

      Oh yeah, I know, you are just sitting on the fence and doing nothing. Do something and buy.

    2. Agreed. There’s nothing in particular that moves up Apple’s share price. It’s being totally controlled by large hedge fund investors to stay in place. Almost no profitable company with good quarterly earnings and gaining market share that’s over $100 a share trades within a two-to-three dollar range for months unless some faction is holding it there. It doesn’t seem natural. On the other hand you have Netflix which has gone up 80% YTD and you know they’re not making the revenue to match that gain. There are crooks and then there are CROOKS. Wall Street is being run by CROOKS.

      I’ve been in Apple since 2004 and have had huge gains and now I’m happily using my Apple dividends for spending cash. I’ve no real complaints but that’s how I see this stock market. It’s just wrong to base the current value of a company by predicting five years into the future. It can’t even be close to accurate. I’m in it for the long haul and will wait out whatever happens. Screw the prognosticators because they’re mostly wrong about Apple over the years.

    3. With all my cynical bones throbbing like crazy, I must agree with you, L. The answer to the question now on the table, very simply put: HELL NO.

  1. If there is a major tv announcement yes.

    Otherwise i see new product announcements starting September.. , holiday season and stock buy back to be real catalysts for the stock to go higher .

  2. What do I think, MDN? I think that it is very, very sad that all Richard Saintvilus cares about is the price of AAPL.

    This is the WWDC!! Cool new software! Exciting events! And all Richard Saintvilus cares about is whether or not the stock price will break above a certain level.

    Absorb some wisdom from Steve Jobs, Richard Saintvilus. Apple focuses on making high quality, insanely great products that delight customers. The customers queue up to buy those products, resulting in massive revenues and profits. Apple continues to evolve those products, and also continues R&D on new products, resulting in more sales, more revenue, and more profit. Eventually, the price of AAPL begins to reflect at least some of that success, despite the naysayers.

    Apple does not target profit. Profit is the result of great products. Suck on that, Richard Saintvilus, and get a clue. It is WWDC15!

  3. None of the analists or tech writers will comprehend let alone understand half of the WWDC announcements, they never do. It will take weeks for it all to sink in and be realized in the stock moving.

    Heck they still don’t even get how great and important a breakthrough Swift is…

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