Sony Music CEO confirms tomorrow’s launch of Apple’s music streaming service

“Sony Music CEO Doug Morris said in an interview on stage today that Apple will announce its new music streaming service tomorrow at its World Wide Developers Conference,” Chris O’Brien reports for VentureBeat.

“While observers have long-expected to Apple unveil such a service at WWDC, Morris’ remarks come from someone whose partnership would be essential to allowing such a service to be launched,” O’Brien reports. “‘It’s happening tomorrow,’ Morris said during an interview at Midem in Cannes that primarily focused on his storied career in the music industry.”

O’Brien reports, “He was clearly enthusiastic about the Apple launch, and said he expected it to represent a kind of ‘tipping point’ that would accelerate the shift to streaming… ‘A rising tide will lift all boats,’ he added. ‘It’s the beginning of an amazing moment for our industry.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: We haven’t heard much from crazy ol’ Doug since he was calling iPod owners thieves and demanding a cut of Apple’s iPod sales, but, for this one, he ought to be infinitely thankful that Steven P. Jobs is not alive today.

Not that we didn’t already know Apple Music was coming tomorrow, but still. Come on, Doug, don’t be a leaky moron.

(Apple ought to sue Morris for NDA violation, just for a single dollar bill, simply for the principle of it.)

Oh, BTW: Sleep tight, Spotify.


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    1. Well, really, it serves them right. It’s the dumbing down of Apple itself that makes this big of a deal about trying to put lipstick on a $3 billion purchasing mistake at a developer’s conference. The marketing people have taken over.

  1. Sony loves Apple. Just buy Sony.
    So, Just destroy Youtube pirate videos/songs… then maybe, I’ll pay for the Apple’s streaming.

    1. The record industry is pushing steaming (and has unsuccessfully for 20 years) because they hate downloads.

      Why do they hate downloads? Because people choose what they want, and artists get a clear cut from each sale. It also has the affect of motivating artists to dump labels and sell their stuff directly (and sell stuff people want).

      Why do they like streaming? Because streaming requires big backroom deals with the big record companies where they charge not only per song, but for “access” to the catalogue. They take a much bigger cut than the artists. Also, they hope, and are probably correct, that the streaming services will favor certain songs over others (like record label songs) so they can go back to the business of being tastemakers.

      Streaming was never popular when people had to pay for it. People generally prefer downloads. The record companies hated downloads so much, they finally started allowing companies to stream for free, and it’s been marginally successful (though not profitable). Now they want to force Apple into pushing paid streaming.

      I don’t think it will work.

      What’s in it for Apple? Well, I don’t think they care so much as long as their service steaming or downloads, is as popular as other services. Downloads are down because streaming is free. Maybe people will pay, they’re willing to give the labels some rope to hang themselves. If customers do finally buy into (I don’t think they will) then Apple doesn’t have to fight with the record companies as much.

      1. Streaming doesn’t mean it’s like a radio station. Certain songs can’t be pushed out like on radio if the listener is controlling what they hear.

    2. The piece you’re missing is that for a service like Spotify, you can make playlists or albums available offline. So you are pre-selecting the music as well. To me, it’s worth the $10 a month to have access to just about any music I want and be able to build the playlists I want to hear, even with music I don’t own. I then make those available offline instead of having songs through iTunes. It’s convenient and very versatile in how I want to listen to music. Yes, I buy a lot of music still and own a lot. But the streaming service is well worth it. It’s very helpful for finding new music as well and not dropping $10-15 on a new album I actually don’t like. So not much extra data because all the offline downloads are done on wifi only.

  2. Still a loser of an idea, like the watch. Once the novelty wears off it’s just worthless, unless apple gives it away. cook not bright enough for that kind of thought. He’s just a money guy. His decisions are just bad. Buy money to distribute money to shareholders, feels like a ponzi scheme.

  3. Steve would have erased any mention of Sony from his presentation tomorrow. If there was supposed to be some sort of onstage handshaking or speaking, it would already be cut from the schedule.

    1. No, Jimmy would have protested. Having Iovine on board changes the equation. Sure, Steve would veto an idea, or bum rush a partner, or exhibit petty vindictiveness, but not if a trusted confidant talked him out of it.

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