Apple’s WWDC 2015 banners: iOS, OS X and ‘watchOS’

MacStories‘ Federico Viticci has posted a photo via Twitter that shows Apple’s WWDC 2015 banners in San Francisco’s Moscone West.

The banners show imagery similar to the WWDC invitation graphic with iOS, OS X and “watchOS” in the center of each.

Until now, Apple has referred to Apple Watchs’ operating system as “Watch OS.”

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s WWDC 2015 invitation graphic:

Apple's WWDC 2015 invitation graphic
Apple’s WWDC 2015 invitation graphic

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple is certainly wrapped in rainbow colored banners.

    Here is hoping the graphic branding color scheme influences vibrant OSes away from the stark grey and white nothingness.

    Professionally done adult icons, would also please … 🙂

    1. Stark grey and white nothingness…reminds me of those videos of Jony Ive in a featureless room, serenely explaining nuances of his reductive design…nuances only he seems to see

        1. Alas, my dear: That’s what designers are pushed to believe in…
          However: Decoration is an important part of l’fe’s enjoyment.
          Too many designers seem to only like the icy “aesthetic” forms, completely missing the aspects of warmness and vitality.
          The actual cult of flatness is a screaming demo of confusion between “freshness” and “cold and heartless”…

          1. Interesting take and agree regarding ice aesthetics sans love and warmth. Stand offish and snooty.

            Citing stalwart principles of graphic design is fine, if you understand what it means.

            For example, Apple through the years has seen many forms for the same functions. I’ll leave it there, late night …

          2. Actually unless design teaching has changed since my days of art college (both studying and teaching) students are not pushed to believe in any one aesthetic or style we were/are predominantly taught to think for ourselves and to continually question, at least this side of the pond where Ive learnt his skills. However we are taught that what we leave out is as important as what we include and thus some minds will clearly experiment with minimalism as much as others go in the opposite direction. The time scale is equally important here as in this particular argument is overall industrial and software design produced traditionally by engineers and code writers as much as actual designers. In that historical situation Ive was like a breath of fresh air simplifying and clarifying the look and interface to the overall advantage of both Apple and the industry generally which it seems we are beginning to take for granted now in a world of improved style and ergonomics.

            To a degree he is a victim of his own success where he has pushed matters in some areas too far (as others have chased his style), in your, and indeed my opinion but that shouldn’t take away from the brilliance of what he has achieved to all our benefit. I certainly am grateful for what he has achieved.

          1. It makes you a happy customer.

            You don’t need to know how the electronics work, what makes software function, the metallurgy involved in creating the casing or the subtle aspects of design decisions.

            All you need to know is that you like the product and that it was created by people who understand such things and do everything they can to provide you with a truly excellent product and keep you as a happy customer.

      1. Every time I watch the Ive videos the starkness reminds me of THX1138. Not exactly comforting unless you break free and see the sun for the first time.

    2. I agree; while functionality doesn’t necessarily depend on color, it sure makes it more pleasurable to see and use every day. I’m ready for a change, or at least a choice in the matter.

      1. Agree we should have a choice, certainly at this point in time. No reason this could not be accomplished.

        Scott’s handling of designs approved by Jobs are classics. See no reason why they would not stand the test of time alongside modern versions in different flavors.

        Ooops, forgot the unforgiving fashionistas and their treadmill motion of perpetual change … Argh!

      2. Im confused colour is the last thing that the interface displays. I presume that you are referring to the hardware? But then even much of that has a lot of colour too only less so as it becomes more professionally orientated. I remember all the dismissiveness of Apples PowerMacs for expressing themselves in colour by the stodgy business types who wouldn’t take them seriously for being too overtly ‘design’. Apple has to cater for a wider range of tastes these days and the balance in hardware is mostly very good though I still have my quibbles.

    3. It may just be me, but I no longer care about Apple!

      The keynotes are no longer on my schedule of activities to check out.

      The product releases are no longer a preoccupation of mine.

      The CEO is about as mesmerizing as drying paint.

      Apple is dead and the vision of Jobs has died along with… it’s that one thing we all feared would happen. Sure, the new Apple is going strong and making billions of dollars, but the old Apple of yore is dead.

      RIP Steve and RIP Apple.

        1. @Arnold

          No… you call what you had for breakfast BS, because Arnold Ziffel was Mr. Ziffel’s pet pig!

          You think you’re the only one that remembers Green Acres?

          I digress.

          I’m posting on this site because I’m still an Apple user. I’m also able to remember a point in time when Apple, its CEO, and its products were magical.

          That time is no more and if you can’t understand that then maybe you were never captivated.

      1. Thanks for sharing your opinion, but honestly, do you think anyone cares what you think? You’ve dug yourself in such a deep hole of negativity you’ve become a punchline to a joke that no one wants to spend the time waiting around to hear.


        Really? Were you that naive to believe such hyperbole? I’ve been an Apple user since 1983 when we got our Apple IIe and I’ve been following Apple ever since then. Believing marketing jargon like “magical” just makes you a tool who can’t separate fantasy from reality.

        There’s nothing different with the Apple of today then the Apple of your warped imagination of yesteryear. Ehh… What’s the point?

        1. @MichaelTheDickead

          Steve Jobs could sell us all the future because we wanted to believe. He made us feel we were not only witnessing history, but that we were also a part of it. Today, the so called Apple fans on this site are ignorant morons who can hardly construct a sentence.

          What do we have now… a boring, c**% sucking clown dressed in a rainbow suit that brought us, ahem, the Apple Watch.

          What next, the Apple Turd that smells when you sniff it. Or the Apple Vac that sucks all your dough right out your pocket.

          Today, if you’re an Apple user and you want innovation you have no choice but to be nostalgic; because Tim Cook is about as innovative as a baloney sandwich!

          1. All I hear is that trumpet sounding voice of the teacher from the Peanuts cartoons. You know something is being said, but it’s so unimportant that no one really listens.

      2. Orandy,
        Your opinion is yours. How much have you made in the market?
        Started buying at 85$ pre split.
        I am real happy with Apple and its products.

          1. Maybe the hub is going to be whatever device you have in the house, setup to be a hub, and turned on: an AppleTV, or a MacBook, or an iMac, or an AppleWatch, or…

            I, technically, don’t understand why Apple puts up all of these barriers. Why can’t I “log in” to my AppleTV from my MacBook and have a simple window that IS the output of the AppleTV just like I see on my TV? Why can’t I “log in” to my iPod touch from my AppleTV and play music from it? The current state of things is just underwhelming. Everything is on the Net. Let’s get it all working together and stop playing marketing games.

            1. @silversnatch

              Of course, in your pea brained mind, everyone is a troll except you. If you spent more time listening rather than criticizing everyone you come in contact with that has an opinion contrary to yours (which frankly is just about everyone you know, including your own mother), you probably wouldn’t have dropped out of school in the 3rd grade… you big mouthed BULLY!

            2. Actually, I enjoy almost everyone’s perspective except yours, orandy. You have proven yourself to be an ignorant, provincial bigot. I will not say the world would be better without you, but this forum certainly would.

            3. @samesexlovekamp

              Your use of the word “provincial” in order to describe me appears to be completely out of context.

              Quite contrarily, I am actually from a big city, I’m a person who is not lacking urban polish or refinement, and my interests and outlook on life are neither restricted nor otherwise inhibited.

              Having dispensed with your errors in nomenclature, I wouldn’t go as far as to say the world would be a better place without you either. After all, who’s going to blow all the homeless young men in public restrooms when you’re gone?

            4. Orandy,

              Intriguing…you seem to have developed the idea I am homosexual. I have stated nothing that should give any clue to any sexual preference. You should perhaps reflect on your obsession concerning the topic. I am indifferent concerning your life or lack thereof, but you might be happier if you confront your own reality.

              You should consider the “narrow-minded” definition of provincial; your diatribe confirms my assessment.

            5. I would like to be able to put a rentable movie in the iTunes Store into my wish list and have it show up in the wish list on my Apple TV. That seems like a no-brainer to me, but alas.

            6. What is it you can do on your AppleTV that you can’t do on your MacBook?

              Log into your iPod touch? If you have an iPod touch just pick it up and use it.

              These things you’re describing are fairly redundant use cases and probably not worth adding the increased complexity.

              How about more useful features… Being able to perform searches on items in my library… “All movies directed by Steven Spielberg” or some such nonsense.

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