What’s in store for Apple’s WWDC

“Apple’s worldwide developer conference kicks off on Monday in San Francisco, but analysts aren’t expecting many surprises from the tech giant,” Amelia Martyn-Hemphill reports for TheStreet.

“With no new hardware devices forecast, the star of the show is bound to be software,” Martyn-Hemphill reports. “Rumors are swirling about the newly designed IOS 9 software for iPhone and iPad devices, as well as a revamped OS X operating system for Macs. It’s likely that Apple will say more about its move into on-demand music and radio streaming services.”

“The rollout of the Apple Watch in stores is expected to take place within the next few weeks and already there’s talk of a new software update,” Martyn-Hemphill reports. “‘We’re also going to get a first indication of how the watch is doing,’ Manhattan Venture Partners chief economist Max Wolff said. ‘As far as we can tell the watch seems to be doing a lot better than most folks, myself included, sort of forecasted. so I think it’s going to be pretty much trade strong to this news, across the conference.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: An update to the WatchKit framework included with the latest iOS SDK will be very welcomed by developers. Appel Watch owners third-party apps are about to get a lot better soon!


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  1. He predicts the stock will rise after the conference because of better than expected Apple Watch sales? In the Fall the stock’s valuation was almost at par with the S&P 500, but now it’s trading at more then a 20 percent discount, even though Apple’s growth rate is exponentially higher than the market. Additionally, the stock is now trading 4 percent below it was before the last earnings was released, even though Apple obliterated the pros estimates for the quarter. Plus, they have purchased billions of dollars in shares since the beginning of the year and have purchased billions more since earnings, which means none of these retired shares are reflected in the stock price. The P/E should of expanded, but instead it contracted. How are better than expected Apple Watch sales going to increase the stock price when the market is fundamentally broken?

    It seems like the only thing that could move the stock in a positive direction is if Tim Cook popped out of a cake, threw his arms up and proudly proclaimed he was Jesus. Actually, on second thought, the stock would probably tank because all the Jesus haters would say something like the Apple Watch is for gays, Jews, Muslims, women, little green men, etc. and the rest of the market would follow…

  2. ** With no new hardware devices forecast, the star of the show is bound to be software, Martyn-Hemphill reports **
    Good lord. The star of the show (WWDC Developers Conference) is software. Always. Has. Been.
    Young Martyn-Hemphill will learn these things eventually.

  3. I was in an Apple Store yesterday for over an hour. The store was moderately busy. However, there was a giant empty space in the store and it was the area around the two iWatch tables. I did not see anyone looking at them for over an hour! The most attention the iWatches received was a mere pause for a casual glance as customers moved through the store. It was shocking and perhaps foreboding. I can’t explain it, can you?

  4. Software?

    Photos 1: Bring back the useable iPhoto interface, instead of its screen-wasting replacement.

    Photos 2: Make it recognise and import Snapseed edits, as well as movs taken with my iPhone 5s.

    At present, importing via Photos is a randomly irritating and time-consuming business.

  5. Macdailynews.com is making my brain hurt… I cannot even get through an article anymore when 75% of the pages are ads. This site has become too distracting. I need an alternative website for Apple news.

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