You can buy an Apple Watch in Times Square for $700 cash

“A ramshackle electronics shop in Times Square has been selling what it claims are genuine Apple Watches for the past several weeks, despite the fact that Apple’s own stores aren’t slated to sell them until June 26,” James Covert reports for The New York Post.

“What’s more, employees at the shop, an aging 7th Avenue storefront called ‘Cameras & Computers,’ were demanding cash for the watches on Friday at a markup that was twice the suggested retail price,” Covert reports. “‘You probably just want to wait,’ the store manager said, acknowledging the sticker shock. But ‘we’ve been selling a lot of these to customers from China, Nigeria — they don’t want to wait.'”

“The entry-level Apple Sport watch [sic], advertised at $349 on Apple’s site, was priced at $699, employees at the store said,” Covert reports. “The standard version of the watch, which retails for $550 and up, was available at markups as high as $1,399, according to a man behind the counter. Asked how the store obtained the watches ahead of their official release, the manager replied, ‘From China.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. ‘Cameras & Computers’ is one of those stores in Manhattan always ‘on sale for closing’ kind of. Sellers speak a strange language and you never know exactly what you’re buying there. Enter at your own risk.

        1. Too bad he wasn’t selling them on your front porch; I’m sure he would have been welcomed with open arms. And the website you link to says it all.

          1. It just seems to need documentation that a Mayor who is overtly against police abuse would be part of a murder plot. I really thought more of Silverhawk. The internet giveth and the internet taketh away.

    1. No. These “discount” stores are semi-legitimate and lure tourists and probably pay some taxes or bribes to cops to look the other way. Black guys selling single cigarettes don’t generate enough business and are considered annoying thugs. Besides, it’s easier to take down one man than a whole store. Those “going out of business” electronics stores have been around for as long as I can remember.


    2. Like it or not the guy selling cigarettes was breaking a law. He resisted arrest. The fact that his health was terrible along with weight didn’t help. The store is only giving what the people want at a premium. I guess they were up for preorder. Lucky them.

    3. The cigarettes are those that typically don’t have tax stamps on them, these are a fraction of a taxed cig, These get brought back in from ships that were sent out to export and smuggled back in, this is one of the easiest money machines the big crime Groups have and its very well oiled machine. And when sold outside the pack there is no proof its a nOn taxed cig. As usual ignorance rules.

          1. Nothing has been stolen. No laws have been broken. What most certainly has happened is that one of Apple’s manufacturers is letting Apple Watches get loose. Apple needs to determine the source of the leak, so they can decide what to do about it. I would think that manufacturer is in danger of losing a very lucrative contract.


            1. Actually, that would be theft if a manufacturer has a contract with Apple to make Watches, with Apple providing many of the components and he diverts completed products from Apples distribution chain, in Apples packaging, that’s pretty much theft. Letting little watch puppies get loose isn’t even a rational explanation of what’s going on here. Perhaps the manufacturer himself isn’t an active party to the diversion. If that’s the case someone has stolen from the factory. There is theft here.

    1. Done!

      Apple’s retail managers from the ‘glass cube’ visited the Times Square hawker within 24 hours of him selling Apple Watches.

      The question will be whether there are serial #s on the Apple Watches? Either way, Apple’s QC staff in China will have already visited the factory that assembles the Apple Watch with their black market Apple Watch they bought.

  2. Exactly. Hence my original comment.
    A serial number check will provide an easy to follow trail to the source. Which is likely to be something more than an overactive buyer on Craigslist.

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