Apple exploring a new reality with purchase of Metaio

“Apple confirmed it purchased Munich augmented reality software firm Metaio but did not disclose the deal’s financial terms,” Wendy Lee reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Analysts say Apple has a small team working on the augmented reality space, and some believe the tech giant could present a headset to go with the iPhone in the future,” Lee reports. “Analysts say they don’t believe Apple’s lateness to the market will impact its sales in augmented reality.”

“Patrick Moorhead, president of Moor Insights & Strategy, aid he wouldn’t rule out the education market for Apple. Already, Apple’s iPad has been competing with Google’s inexpensive laptops called Chromebooks in the classroom. Moorhead said he could see Apple creating a set of goggles that would allow children to tour museums or see different virtual objects on a real whiteboard,” Lee reports. “Apple could come up with a better design than Google Cardboard, or offer a different type of experience, he said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Any random six-year-old could come up with a better design than Google Cardboard.

Lee reports, “Another area where Apple could use augmented reality is in its app ecosystem, analysts said. Apple has already extended its services into the connected home, car, music and smartphones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple can take AR mainstream.

A sample of Metaio technology:


Apple patents perforated augmented reality display that you can see and hear through – May 29, 2015
Apple acquires augmented reality company Metaio – May 28, 2015
Apple preps Google Now rival with Siri API, augmented reality Maps, deep iOS 9 search – May 27, 2015
Apple granted patent for display-based speakers for iOS devices – January 13, 2015
Apple files patent for flexible display that deforms to provide tactile feedback, builds on Apple Watch feature – December 11, 2014
Apple granted a patent for devices with a transparent display – November 18, 2014
Apple patents new flexible display capabilities – August 26, 2014
Apple patents solar panels integrated into flexible multitouch displays – May 20, 2014
Apple patent application reveals personal display headset invention – May 8, 2014
Apple patent application reveals sapphire flexible transparent display devices created with Liquidmetal – December 19, 2013


  1. Apple does not enter a market late. When Apple enters a market, Apple defines it, others then copy Apple. Just look at the iPod, iPhone, and watch for examples of this. If/when Apple enters the augmented reality market, Apple will define it, others will copy Apple. 🖖😀⌚️

  2. Judging from patents Apple has been working in this area for years its just a matter of how interested in it they have been. Now mind we know they certainly are, probably the opportunities and technology catching up to the possibilities, or perhaps business and consumers catching up to those possibilities.

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