The Register reviews Apple’s Force Touch trackpad, doesn’t even understand what Force Touch is

“This belated update for the 15-inch MacBook Pro doesn’t even merit a new processor,” Stephen Dean writes for The Register. “In fact, the only real changes are the inclusion of the Force Touch trackpad that made its debut on the 13-inch MacBook Pro earlier this year, and a faster solid-state drive.”

“Both models retain the 2880×1800 resolution Retina display, which I’ll confess surprised me yet again with its sheer brightness and sharp contrast. I’m not sold on the Force Touch trackpad, though,” Dean writes. “Admittedly, the new hinge design means that the trackpad surface does feel smooth and responsive, but I still don’t find the press-and-hold ‘force-click’ action particularly useful.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Force Touch trackpad does not have “new hinge design.” In fact, it doesn’t have a hinge at all. It doesn’t move.

Its custom haptics are so convincing, that Stephen Dean didn’t even realize it wasn’t mechanically hinged. So thoroughly fooled, these facts went right over the head of a so-called professional reviewer. “So called,” because he didn’t even bother to spend three seconds to understand WTF he was even using, yet nevertheless proceeded to criticize it – all to hilarious effect. Of course, after he tried Force clicking (probably about once and in an insignificant place at that or, more likely, in Windows; see below) he then also failed to notice the Force Touch trackpad’s new Accelerators or Pressure-sensitive drawing capabilities. Moron.

He did however waste a good portion of his “review” blathering on about running Windows 8 via Bootcamp on it, so you can gather his perspective; he’s used to crap hardware running a crap OS trying to approximate the Macintosh experience yet failing miserably, as always. Hence his utter confusion. He’s like an aboriginal tribesman seeing an airplane – and a fighter jet at that – for the first time. No clue.


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    1. I’m wondering why there is NO news on MDN today about Intel finally releasing the Broadwell processors that should have been in the new 15″ MB Pro. And wondering how soon Apple will make the change. They are a drop in replacement for the Haswells, (although I don’t know about optimum bus speeds), so doubt that it would alter the current manufacturing process.

  1. Speaking of Windows, was having lunch at the airport yesterday. Some sufferer jacked with his HP the entire lunch trying to grab the free wi-fi. “ERROR” in 72 point helvetica kept popping up.

    More delicious than the food.

      1. On the other hand, there are a lot of educated hillbillies who were instrumental in developing rocket science at places like Huntsville, AL. Hillwilliams, perhaps.

  2. I’m contemplating about registering just to point out to that blabbering fool about his stupid mistake. That person is not qualified to review Apple products.

    1. I’m beginning to understand that it’s a requirement. The writer must identify with the reader, whom he must assume is technologically illiterate. Sort of like William Faulkner writing in the vernacular of a retarded Mississippi dirt farmer.

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