Nebraska man has built over 1,000 aquariums out of used Apple iMacs

“Jake Harms might not be repairing old Apple computers in his basement workshop in Hildreth, but he’s giving them new life all the same,” Jessica Kokesh reports for World-Herald News Service.

“Harms has been building aquariums out of older-model Apple iMac computers for eight years and has sold more than 1,000 of them worldwide,” Kokesh reports. “‘They go everywhere. Every time I ship one to Japan or China, I can’t read the address,’ he said. ‘So I slap the label on and say, ‘Good luck, buddy. I hope you get there.’ They’ve all made it, and everyone’s been happy with them.'”

“Harms uses 2000-era Apple iMac G3 computers, distinctive for their shape and bright color schemes, for the aquariums. The opaque computer bodies allow light to shine through so fish can be visible from several angles” Kokesh reports. “‘No one’s ever asked me to make an aquarium out of a Dell,’ he joked.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Dells would be perfect for bottom feeders.


  1. Back in the day, some people built “Macquariums” using emptied-out compact Macs like the Plus and SE. Methinks this is the logical extension of that. I actually have the shell of a Mac SE which I’ve been considering using for this purpose for some time now. And to head off any possible complaints, it was destined to get junked anyway, and I was sure to save its innards as spare parts for my intact/working SE.

  2. Those original iMacs are very distinctive. I have a Bondi Blue model. The original CRT component went bad, so I bought a used 333-MHz model (Strawberry) to “cannibalize.” It has a swivel base accessory (matching blue/white color) that looks like it’s part of the iMac, as well as Kensington mouse, Imation “SuperDisk” drive, and slow USB 1.1 external hard drive (all with matching blue/white color). The CPU is upgraded with a 466-MHz G3 daughter card from NewerTech (before OWC bought the brand).

    I don’t turn it on very much these days, but it’s my “Mac OS 9” machine. Still works fine. I won’t let anyone make an aquarium out of it…! 🙂

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