Microsoft’s Cortana coming to Apple iPhones this year; requires a Windows 10 PC

“Microsoft has confirmed it’s getting ready to make its digital assistant Cortana available on iOS and Android in the coming months, though it comes with a caveat,” Parmy Olson reports for Forbes. “The company will be releasing a companion app in late June for Android that gives access to content from a required Windows 10 PC, Microsoft said in a blog post Tuesday.”

“There are some Cortana functions that Microsoft won’t be able to port to non-Windows Phone devices,” Olson reports. “You won’t for instance be able to toggle settings, open apps or open the Cortana app itself by saying ‘Hey, Cortana,’ since that requires a deep integration with the handset’s microphone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: More me-too worthless stupidity from The Kings of Me-Too Worthless Stupidity.

Maybe the remaining fragmandroid settlers will download it – if it’s free, of course – just to give their own Siri knockoff some company (the two clones can kibitz endlessly about IP theft, we’re sure, and conspire over what they’ll try to steal next from Apple), but for us iOS and Mac users, this’ll just be yet another bit of Microsoft superfluousness to ignore.


    1. This is a good idea for microsoft. It’s what iTunes, and Safari were to the pc, sort of. In MS’s case, they are hoping it will cause user to choose them, in the form of the next mobile phone you buy would be windows based. Well, it may, people will tire of iPhone at some point and start to look around. They are hoping the experience is good so you will buy windows stuff. Now if they would just …

    1. Messages doesn’t require Yosemite. It was first released with Mountain Lion, but the application itself was a successor to iChat, which came out with Panther (10.2).

      There may be some other features that require Yosemite, but Messages isn’t it.

  1. Microsoft is hoping to use Apple’s strategy: a trojan horse, coupled with halo effect (ridiculous, I know!): using Cortana to lure Apple users into the Microsoft’s eco-system, then exploiting Cortana’s “halo-efrfect” to get them to try Windows and eventually switch…

      1. I’m looking forward to MDN’s take on W10 launch party commercials. At the rate MS is improving, certainly longer than a year or two wait for W10SP1. Or is that “weight”? 😉

    1. Microsoft just isn’t as subtle as the Greeks, and Apple isn’t as gullible as the Trojans. Instead, Cortana is just another search agent/personal assistant among several for consumers to select; she will prosper or wither depending on her skills, charm, and voice compared with other agents such as Google and Siri. Needless to say, advantage goes to the default agent on a mobile OS, but Cortana could outshine Siri and the others; time—and maybe a deathmatch between them—will tell.

  2. “More me-too worthless stupidity from The Kings of Me-Too Worthless Stupidity.”

    I love how the media/amateur bloggers promote this “me too” POS from MS as if Apple never inspired them to copy it in the first place.

  3. Somewhere in Redmond, some MBA is rubbing his hands in glee, saying, “*This* is finally going to get all those people on Macs to finally buy a PC.”

  4. I did my best to get Cortana to work on the Windows 10 Technical Preview for a demo I gave a couple months back. What a total POS. I think I actually got it to properly understand me and coordinate that with the proper response about 10% of the time. I hope Microsoft can do better or it’s going to be the laughing stock feature of Windows 10.

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