Apple Watch’s 1st update boosts app performance, tracks exercise more accurately, and more

“Apple has issued the first official update to its Watch,” Mark Prigg reports for The Daily Mail. “Called Watch Software 1.0.1, it is claimed to boost the accuracy of Siri, Apple’s voice recognition software.”

“It also improves the fitness tracking capabilities of the watch, especially when calculating calories for indoor cycling and rowing workouts,” Prigg reports. “Apple also says it has improved the stand recognition software which asks a user to stand up each hour, and improved the accuracy of distance and pace during outdoor walk and run workouts.”

Prigg reports, “It has also improved the measurements if an owner is pushing a stroller or walking the dog.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Lots of media outlets reporting on basically anything to do with Apple Watch is a very good thing for Apple.

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  1. Welcomed update which went smoothly last night. The standing detection definitely had missed a few instances and made me lose a few awards. My life has been incomplete as a result.
    Hopefully soon the Nike running app will be able to get the heart rate measurements during runs. Currently I use both the Apple app to track heart rate and the Nike app to log the runs. Both can work at the same time and do not create double entries.

    1. Does AW detect when to turn the screen on better in situation when you are sitting and working on your Macintosh (or a PC, god forbid), and hence your hands are horizontal by default?

      I have read that 1.0 version of software sometimes was “confused” in such scenario.

  2. Without interest in raising the FUD meter reading:
    – 8 Watch OS Kernel security patches, some critical. TY!
    – A patch for the good old FREAK/Logjam HTTPS decrepit-encryption-algorithm security attack. Apple previously patched it for everything else under the sun.

  3. I must be OCD, but it seems strange to me that Apple took the “i” from iPhone and iPad and named the operating system iOS. Logic would expect Apple to do the same for the Apple Watch’s operating system, taking the “a” from Apple Watch and name the operating system aOS. Calling it Watch Software is very banal and Apple could have done a better job of naming the OS.

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