One month with Apple Watch: ‘It has exceeded all of my expectations’

“After a month of use,” Matthew Miller reports for ZDNet, “the Apple Watch is my favorite smartwatch so far and it’s helping keep my SIM card in my iPhone 6 Plus. It’s definitely not an essential accessory, but it has surpassed my expectations.”

“I was very worried about the official reported 18 hour battery life. I use my Apple Watch from 4:30 am to 10:00 pm every day, charging it up while I sleep at night, and regularly put it on the charger with 30 to 40 percent remaining,” Miller reports. “I switch between the utility, modular, Mickey Mouse, and motion faces, but primarily stick with utility. They all look fantastic and I like how I can customize colors and essential information.”

“I am honestly standing up more at the office every day thanks to my Apple Watch. Reminders like this will change lives over the long term. The activity app is colorful, basic, and easily accessible which are all things that make it so functional,” Miller reports. “Apple Watch user interface is different and there is a slight learning curve. However, the hardware is fantastic, the UI is smooth and flashy, the battery life is excellent, and developers are actively making apps for the platform. The Apple Watch is a winner…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, you don’t wear an Apple Watch (or any other watch) smashed into your wrist joint, to near to your hand (see full article). And, yes, the Apple Watch is unmatched.


  1. Yet, I keep hearing the exact opposite. I have a friend who’s an engineer and works next to me. He knows people that work at Apple. Two showed up wearing Apple Watches. They said they don’t find much use for it and got them for free. THEY LIKE THE NOTIFICATIONS but were critical of it and said they wouldn’t buy one.

    Then The Globe and Mail did a review of it that wasn’t favourable. I think the jury is still very much out on this device there’s too many mixed perspectives.

    1. Really? Since Apple doesn’t GIVE watches to its average employees, and If they were high enuff up the food chain to be given 1 they would certainly NOT make such comments, as those comments reflect a lack of education about the product, and Apple is always very close vested about their products, and they are still having difficulties meeting demand for PAID watches…. try again TROLL!

      1. And even if troll’s comment was true – so what!? Some people don’t need it. Stop the presses! I know some people who don’t have a cell phone, never mind a smartphone. Oh no! They don’t need an iPhone! The world is doomed! Especially Apple!

      2. Gawd, troll… you need to learn to lie better. E.g.
        1. Don’t attempt to be convincing by putting in irrelevant detail.
        2. Don’t put in blatant untruths.

        After you’ve learnt better lying, the next step would be better logic… how to build a better case. Three people, including one writer, didn’t like it? As Sean wrote, “so what?” Many people were negative about the iPod, and the iPhone, and the iPad, and the, and the, and the. It doesn’t matter.

        So don’t be so over the top. State a couple of facts and then build logically to a moderately negative opinion.

        Much more believable.

        Hope that helped.

      1. Ah yes, thanks Troll — another couple of points to add to “How to be a Better Troll”…
        1. Up the sophistication of your English. Your first post is quote poorly written.
        2. Don’t swear.

      2. Why, oh why are you here, troll?

        What is the opposite of ‘fanboy’?

        What is a good word for someone who goes on and on… and on… and on… flogging this dead meme of “fanboy”?

        What is a good word for someone who consistently makes over-the-top, unbelievable, empty-of-substance negative comments? (Oh, yeh… troll. Yeh, that’s the ticket.)

  2. I’m as big an Apple fanboy as you will find. I bought the first Mac in 1984, always have the latest iPad, iPhone and MBP. I also work in IT and have been an Apple developer for years. I sold my Apple Watch. I don’t like wearing watches anyway and I don’t want or need the constant notifications that are a major part of it’s value. It also didn’t work well when cycling using the Strava app as it shuts off constantly and then when you run it on goes back to the watch face instead of the app you are using.
    It is quite possible that ardent Apple users may not want or need the Apple Watch at least in its current incarnation. I’m one of them.

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