Apple IS going into the TV business – big time

“Contrary to an article in the Wall Street Journal, we at Destination Wealth Management believe Apple will be moving to the television market in a very big way,” Michael Yoshikami writes for CNBC.

“According to sources in Silicon Valley familiar with Apple’s thinking, Apple will enter into the television market in a huge way by providing an upgraded Apple TV CPU hub combined with a unique controller,” Yoshikami writes. “It is likely to include both Siri voice recognition as well as a touch-pad interface that could also include force touch. Additionally, the company will continue to expand into programming to replace the revenue streams lost because of the changes in music retail purchase preferences.”

“Whether or not Apple will provide a monitor to go with this Apple TV initiative is subject to debate and frankly irrelevant,” Yoshikami writes. “Apple will be happy selling you the brains of the TV and let you buy a compatible monitor from a whole list of vendors fighting it out to capture market share in this low margin product space.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s actually not at all contrary to The Wall Street Journal‘s article as that article rather clearly reported that Apple wasn’t making an Apple ultra-high-definition television, but the company is “expected to unveil a slimmer version of its Apple TV box with a redesigned remote control and revamped software” along with being “in talks with programmers to create a bundle of TV channels delivered over the Internet to its devices.”

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    1. I do miss my local channels. Yes, I have tried many OTAs. But in my apartment building, very few come in.

      I am a little tired of switching between netflix, hulu and sling on my ATV and Roku.

      I can’t wait to see what Apple comes up with.

    2. Right because everyone knows that the explosion of movie channels and services all split some of their own slice of the 24 hour clock with local channels so that you movies you pay extra for can be constantly interrupted with public service announcements by your local channels. Sure.. God forbid we could ever lose those wonderful additions to our day. And we all want to be ‘mainstream’, ‘middle of the herd’ right?

    3. All cable providers are required to give you local stations for free…I have Time Warner in LA and only have hi speed internet and have local stations.

      Dunno, maybe this is just a California thing.

      1. It might actually still be on the books that cable providers are required to provide the local OTA channels, but, hey, here in Boston, Comcast doesn’t. There are at least seven local channels that are not part of the basic cable package. Doesn’t seem to matter a pair of fetid dingo’s kidneys that I’ve complained to all and many, either.

  1. Hopefully the new Apple TV will have more storage for games and an app store. The problem is if this thing gets any slimmer there wouldn’t be room for a decent processor and apps/games storage. Make it bigger please! Pretty please?

        1. 4K Blu Ray has been announced and will be in stores this summer.

          like 1080p video still is in most areas of the world, discs will be the only affordable and reliable place to get the highest quality media. streaming devices will always be strangled by the ISPs due to lack of national laws preventing predatory pricing for internet-only services. ISPs can rape internet customers for the same price they charge their “triple play” customers with impunity. only a law will stop this.

  2. Local: There’s a solution for that, not unlike the “community antenna” in days of yore. Or if stations want to participate, they can provide a direct feed to Apple.

        1. Satellites are great with one uplink and many, many downlinks.
          Might get messy with every market having an uplink.

          Using fiber is an option if a a POP is close, but the WWW is not so great a choice if a direct fiber link isn’t available between studio and Apple servers.

  3. Television is archaic. The format hasn’t changed very much in about 100 years: pictures move in a box and actors play the roll. Sure, the medium went from black and white to color to high definition and the box got slimmer, but the gist is basically the same.

    There needs to be a new road; a new entertainment experience. The baseball game should be taken out-of-the-box and placed on coffee tables for Zeus level viewing. Dramatic scenes should be played out behind speakers, plants and lamps. I want a 4-inch-sized Charlie Sheen dangling on the edge of one knee telling me he is winning and CNBC’s Jim Cramer swaying on my other knee proclaiming, “buy, buy, buy more AAPL!”

  4. I guess there’s a niche market for such a thing, but unless Apple can offer a service better than TiVo, I’m not dropping cable. Hardly ever use my existing Apple tv, and when I do, it’s only to control iTunes or share photos.

    • Ability to skip commercials or offer premium commercial-free content
    • One interface to control all channels
    • Every show either streamed from iCloud or played back from a local recording (built-in HD similar to DVRs)
    • No limits on the number of shows recorded at one time
    • Ability to transfer shows to other TVs, Macs and iOS devices and pick up where you left off
    • An App Store for Apple tv that also makes it a game console. Proper controllers sold separately.
    • A better remote and remote apps for iOS devices. Automatically changing HDMI inputs on the tv when the remote is picked up would be a good start.
    • HD or 4k content only
    • Ability to watch live sporting events
    • Better pricing on movie rentals. I would never rent on Apple tv when I can go across the street and get Blu-rays from Redbox for $1.50 or DVDs for .99.

    Bottom line, it has to do everything better than my current solution (Comcast cable + two TiVo units and two TiVo service plans). I don’t care what it costs, but any savings would be appreciated. People complain too much about the cost of cable anyway. All-in-all, it’s still one of the best values for what you get based on average viewing habits.

  5. Do you remember when the late Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone? 3 devices in one? This will be the same with the ATV. It will be a steaming device, a gaming device and a home automation device. It will take over the streaming market and the home automation market with no question. The gaming market it will kill the Wii U and shake up the Playstation 4 and the xBox One. Can not wait for next week to really see what happens. It will be interesting!!

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