The 10 best apps for Apple Watch so far

“There are already more than 4000 apps available for Apple Watch,” Craig Grannell writes for Stuff. “The tiny snag is that most of them aren’t much cop.”

“Why? Well some misunderstand how a wearable is best used, and demand you spend far too long with your wrist in front of your face; others misfire on the ergonomics or usability front,” Grannell writes.

Others briefly impress, but that’s just not good enough for us. We want apps that are clever and well-designed but also that we return to on a regular basis. That, then, is what this list is all about: the best Apple Watch apps we’re actively using.

1. Twitterrific
2. CARROT Weather
3. 1Password
4. BBC News
5. Find Near Me
6. Shazam
7. Citymapper
8. Calcbot
9. Overcast: Podcast Player
10. Vidgets

Descriptions of each app in the full article here.


    1. For the non-English:
      The small problem (being sarcastic) is that most of the apps currently for the Apple Watch are not very good.

      Hence the ones they list are the few that are any good.

        1. “..He used the term incorrectly..” ..No. Saying – in the UK anyway – that something’s “not much cop” has been normal UK English language for ..well at least the last 60 years or more that I know of and have used the phrase.
          It’s standard English in England, but maybe not un the US and elsewhere..

          1. I used to live in London, circa 1979 and 80. Never heard that, even remotely. I had one English uncle, two English aunts, Two English cousins, a few English second cousins. That really is foreign to me.

            BUT: It’s entirely normal in the UK for an expression to be central to one location in the country. I’m going to guess that I never visited the location were ‘not much cop’ was said. – I enjoy studying idioms and slang. Kind of interesting that one exists.

        2. I’m really surprised that, before arguing this point, you did not a drop of research into this phrase. A simple web search returns pages of definitions confirming the meaning of this phrase. Some, interestingly enough, that take it as a derivative of how you have defined “cop” to be, meaning to catch or to get. Turning the initial meaning of the phrase into, “not worth to catch, or get.” While it might be true that YOU haven’t heard it yet, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t spoken in the areas you were in, and further doesn’t mean that it was relegated to some far flung part of England. A little research goes a long way before you start shooting your mouth off.

          1. I know this subject is of vital importance and that being right is the mandate of every male human ever born or shame shall fall upon him for eternity but: We covered this subject and I am done. You can STFU now. Research that acronym.

      1. Emphasizing – ALSO slang for police officer.

        By their phrasing, doggone too and Skydiver grew up in and may currently be in England. I grew up in England. The usage in correct… and it’s not just for soccer line-ups.

        Derek, your emphatic NOT is not correct.

      2. I’ll take your word on that. I’m used to ‘It’s a fair cop’ whereby ‘cop’ means being caught at something wrong. Flipping ‘cop’ to be a good thing is on a par with ‘that’s bad!’ or ‘that’s bitchin’!’ or ‘Killer!’ So I can see it’s possible.

        [Original meaning for those interested: Constable On Patrol]

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