Several Trader Joe’s locations begin to accept Apple Pay

“Popular U.S. grocery chain Trader Joe’s is gearing up to begin accepting contactless payments via Apple Pay at check-out,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Kiosks at Trader Joe’s checkout counters across the U.S. have been seeing upgrades in recent weeks and months to VeriFone touchscreen machines,” Hughes reports. “Some of these payment terminals already advertise that they accept Apple Pay, as seen… at a store in Raleigh, spotted by AppleInsider.”

“Managers at two California stores separately verified that Trader Joe’s is experimenting with touchless payment solutions, including Apple’s, but has yet to make a formal decision on support,” Hughes reports. “Employees at other locations had not yet heard of upcoming functionality.”

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MacDailyNews Take: More Apple Pay retailers, please!


  1. Day to day I no longer carry a wallet. My driver’s license is kept in a TPU phone case. I can get gas, lunch, and groceries with Apple Pay. Unless I go out or away on a trip, my wallet stays home. The longer the holdout retailers sit on their decision, the more of my $$ gets saved.

  2. In mid-October, new NFC readers will be coming to most U.S. Retailers thanks to the rollout of EMV inspired change in fraud liability standards. At that time or before, Apple Pay and Google Pay should REALLY take off. This will help feather the nest for the integrated Apple Watch to really hit its stride as the Christmas gift of choice for Holiday 2015. (Why else do you think Apple Watch comes packaged in such a beautiful gift box? Also, Apple Watch’s taptic doodles and heart beat sharing encourages sales in pairs to couples.)

  3. Not happening at Trader Joe’s in the San Fernando Valley, CA yet but I suspect not long. Apple Pay is still in it’s early adoption phase but coming along well, especially as the MCX consortium crumbles apart with major defections.

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