Apple’s $10,000 rose gold-plated iPhone 6s

“Apple might launch a $10,000, special edition of the iPhone in rose gold,” Joseph George reports for Emirates 24/7.

“With the 2015 edition of the iPhone, details point not just to the introduction of a new colour, but several other additional features including a RAM and camera update,” George reports. “The details emerged in a research note published by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.”

“While the gold edition of Apple Watch starts at $10,000, Kuo believes that the rose gold edition of the iPhone 6S could also follow a similar pricing strategy and will be priced starting $10,000,” George reports. “Unlike the watch the iPhone could only be gold plated.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If true, it would sell better than most would guess. It would be huge in Asia. Aftermarket iPhone gold-platers are praying this won’t happen.


  1. Gold, platinum, diamond encrusted.

    I will wait for the dinosaur bone and moon rock inlaid iPhone.

    What else can we attach to it to increase it’s rarely and opulence? Any ideas? Nothing morbid.

          1. Dark matter phone. Has a whole host of useful properties, but you would have to depend on Siri for everything. Might as well not have a touch screen then. OR if the body is made of dark mater, it would be visible, but just the screen and guts. It would feel smooth as silk. Darn I would have to get a case anyway, because I would drop it all the time.

  2. I remember once seeing in a high class furniture and jewelry store (I was there taking photos) a special edition BlackBerry they had on display and sale for multi-thousand dollars. It was a few years ago but well after the iPhone took off and it was clear that BlackBerry was finished. I remember thinking “what idiot would buy something like that?”

    It’s clear there is a small but real market for something like that. Not me, but if you get it I’ll take your photo. 😉

  3. This TOTALLY makes sense for those with more cash than sense. Apple might as well mine this area of differentiation for the wealthy, affluent and status conscious. It’s doesn’t row my boat but as a stockholder I think Apple should satisfy every type of customer. With the exception of the freetards. (Free but subsidized works though.)

    1. I think it would water down their brand to start making vanity products out of everything. Apple didn’t get great by “mining” every sale they could get.

      Expensive versions made much more sense with a watch since many people want (or depending on their occupation and social situation, need) to WEAR things that fit their status/wealth.

  4. Ming has lost it. Under called Q2 iPhones by 2,000,000 units, iPads by 2,500,000 units. It’s time everyone stopped treating him like he’s the Delphic Oracle of Apple!

    1. Don’t confuse cost with MRP.

      I’m all for it.

      Let ‘fashion’ be the differentiator and not unjustified price hikes for more memory.

      A recent thread suggested 90+% of phones sold were the base model configuration. this leads to a reduction in user experience in the longer term- especially when you cannot upgrade because there is insufficient memory available to do so without hooking it up to a Mac.

      (on which subject I would suggest Apple install sufficient system assigned memory to allow mobile upgrades of OS under any circumstance – because it isn’t that expensive to do).

  5. It would be interesting to see the result of Apple machining an iPhone 6 chassis out of the same gold alloy used for the Apple Watch Edition.

    An option which might work better is a 10K or 12K gold version alloyed to be less dense to keep the total weight down? I wonder if magnesium can be alloyed with gold?

  6. If Apple offered the Watch or the iPhone in a solid titanium version, that would interest me a lot more than gold or gold plated aluminium. Think of it: almost as light as aluminium, yet almost as strong as stainless steel, and hypoallergenic to boot. Gold is beautiful, but very dense and expensive. Plating wears away.

  7. Um, no. Apple might add rose-gold colored aluminum to the mix like they did with the champagne color a few years ago. They didn’t release a gold plated watch; they’re not going to release a gold plated phone.

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