Apple CEO Tim Cook opens new Weibo account, chronicles recent China trip

Apple CEO Tim Cook, “who opened a Weibo account earlier this week, started his China tour on Monday with the announcement of environmental initiatives that will boost Apple’s contribution of clean energy to the region, while reducing its carbon and virgin fiber footprint,” AppleInsider reports.

“The travelogue underscores the important role China plays in Apple’s current and future success. On the back of booming product sales led by iPhone, Apple is planning a massive retail expansion into mainland China that will see 25 new locations open by the end of 2016,” AppleInsider reports. “Since signing up for Weibo, Cook has accumulated more than 588,000 followers.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Tim Cook’s Twitter account (, opened in September 2013, currently has 1.18 million followers.


  1. Anyone who ignores or dismisses China as a market for high-end products is giving up on the largest single global market for such goods.

    Sina weibo is the best way to reach the Chinese audience.

  2. I know a lot of my international friends have Facebook accounts.

    I don’t know anyone who has a Weibo account. Other than Chinese nationals and their relatives, and people seeking to do business with them, who needs a Weibo account?

    1. Anyone who wants to reach half a billion (with a B) has no other way but Weibo. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and others are blocked vigorously by the government. The only choice is Weibo and other Chinese-only social media channels.

  3. with Sina Weibo, you will got overload adverting on your Mac. Sina weibo is good place you can put adverting. and hire pp say nice blablabla for your products…. You know, when mil pp say sth good that is good. even that is kind of sh**t.

  4. Curious. The constant, universal down-votes indicate an automated troller. But what’s the point? I fail to comprehend how anyone could perceive any advantage to such inconsequential idiocy.

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