Google releases its first Apple Watch app

“The Apple Watch already had a healthy ecosystem of third-party applications when the smartwatch debuted in April, with some 3,500 apps available shortly after its launch, and many of tech’s biggest names, like Instagram, Twitter, Evernote and others having announced their participation,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch.

“However, one company whose apps have been notably missing from Apple’s new platform has been Google,” Perez reports. “That just changed, as the company has now released its first Apple Watch app with an update to ‘Google News & Weather‘ [app].”

“The move indicates that Google is not ignoring Apple’s new smartwatch due to its competitive nature with Google’s own Android Wear platform,” Perez reports. “That’s promising because it means Google may consider bringing other properties to Apple Watch in the future, too.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Any takers?


  1. Google has lost the maps market among Apple users, and a big chunk of advertising along with it. If they hadn’t screwed Apple on functionality they would still have it. I suspect they will lose all of search on apple products soon as well. They just forgot not to be evil.

    1. It’s not bullshit. It’s just that they don’t know the difference between evil and not evil.

      We geeks can sometimes be socially inept, as I’m sure many of you know.

      To demonstrate how clever I was, I once wrote a little app that would turn on the microphone of a Mac if I sent it the remote command.

      My first demonstration of the app caught a friend, a good friend, telling her husband about her miscarriage.

      Painful privacy lesson learned.

      Google just hasn’t had that moment yet.

      1. That is the exact opposite of Geek Ineptness.

        I real geek would have overthought the situation. i.e. he would have thought of the situation about privacy as well as 50 other things.

        Your situation evolved because you were not geeky enough to think of such a situation.

        Please don’t blame stupidity on geeks. Geeks have enough to contend with as it is.

  2. Yeah, sorry, no thanks. Just know that every micron of data about me and my activity through the watch would be sucked up into the googolplex for serving me up creepy ads. Ok, fine, support your free stuff by selling ads, but putting sensors into toilets to analyze waste in order to sell me ads for diet products is too far. Presenting me ads for things I only put in an email to myself is too far.

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