As Swiss watchmakers dismiss Apple Watch, Swiss National Bank increases Apple holdings by 60%

“Over the first calendar quarter of 2015, the Swiss National Bank increased its holding of Apple stock by 60 percent to 8.90 million shares, according to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The bank’s Apple shares, currently worth over $1 billion U.S., were the largest accumulation in U.S. securities among its top three American investments, according to a report by Bloomberg,” Dilger reports. “The bank offered no comment to reporters on its accumulation of Apple shares, but its annual report notes that ‘Equities are managed according to a set of rules based on a strategic benchmark comprising a combination of equity indices in various markets and currencies.'”

Dilger reports, “Nearly 60,000 people are employed by the Swiss watch industry, and the horological industry is worth over $20 billion annually to the Swiss economy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, the Swiss National Bank gets it, at least.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I have three very fine Swiss watches that have all sat in a box since I got the Apple Watch. What was it? Extinction level event? If Apple (and copy cat) Watches really take off, it might be nothing less.

  2. This whole “dismissal” thing of something new coming along by old established industries about to be trounced on is hilarious in it’s repetition. Do they not learn by “watching” what happens elsewhere?

    Time after time their disingenuous stance finds the shoulder shrugging CEO eventually & dejectedly turning out the lights. It may have not been Jonny Ives intention to decimate traditional Swiss watches but it’ll probably (sadly) happen nonetheless. Maybe some will survive as niche traditional watch players for Luddites.

  3. I have a Rolex watch sitting in a box for use on special occasions.
    I also have a Casio Oceanus 5054, which I love, for everyday use since around 2009.
    I have permanently abandoned the Windows system.
    I am all in with Apple ecosystem for everything from computer, ipads, phones including the Apple TV.
    However, I will not buy an Apple Watch for this reason:
    If I were to buy an Apple Watch, it would be the 42mm Stainless Case with link bracelet for $999.
    I have been upgrading my phones every year or so and had little problem with the cost involved since each upgrades came with with substantial changes and screen sizes.
    However, I have a problem with the Apple watche.
    The prospect of a updated watches coming out every year or so and rendering the prior years model obsolete.
    I was waiting to see if Apple will make it possible to upgrade the watch by swapping out just the tiny motherboard at substantial savings.
    However, I viewed a tear down video and the comment was that that was literally impossible since most components were well glued and they were substantially damaged during the removal process.
    For me, that was reason enough to not purchase an Apple watch.
    Since most, if not all, of the functions are available on the iPhone, it was not compelling enough to replace the grab on my wrist from my Rolex and Oceanus.
    Like my loving wife, they have been faithful and good to me for too many years for me to replace them with a new kid on the block who’d abandon me in a year!


    1. Richard, I dont understand.
      Did your Rolex become obsolete cause new models came out??? PS, you bought a Rolex and you are worried about “substantial savings”???
      Did your Casio 5054 become obsolete the year after it was made???
      Do you swap out the engine of your car each year?

      Yet you want to equate an Apple Watch to your Dell desktop computer and you want to gut it each year to make it better.

      I just do not understand your thinking.

      1. You stated two times that you did not understand my thinking.
        Perhaps that’s the problem here.
        No. Neither the Rolex or the Casio became obsolete year after they were made.
        The term “obsolete” is defined as “no longer in general use; fallen into disuse.”
        Both watches I mentioned are still in “general use” years after they came out. The features and functions are nearly identical to new models even made today.
        And your insinuation that since I own a Rolex, I should not be concerned with “savings” defies the logic many people live by.
        Rather, it is the “saving” and “best use of your hard earned money’ mentality that allowed me to become an owner of a Rolex.
        Gutting a computer is not a foreign concept. Internet is replete with updated motherboard you can replace your old computer with.
        My thinking in a nutshell is that personal electronics from Apple and others seem to have a short life cycle. Good for the company, bad for the consumers.
        I was hoping that since the watch is so small and the logic board even smaller, that if they could make a snap out and snap in upgrade board, it would have been great specially for those with less disposable income and those like me who find ways to save money if I can.
        My Casio 5054 is over 9 years old and still fully functional and in pristine condition which cost me around $700.
        I was just hoping the Apple watch at $999 would have little more than a few years life cycle.


    2. Fair enough, Richard. Perhaps the Apple Watch is not for you. Or, perhaps, you just need to learn more about it. Either way, no hard feelings. You have your reasons and people should respect that as long as you respect the decisions of others, in return.

      My office mate purchased a 42mm SS with Milanese bracelet and he loves it. He keeps discovering new functions and he would make the same purchase again.

  4. I don’t understand why people don’t understand that the Apple “Watch” and fine watches collected by connoisseurs and lovers of the artistic and precision engineering in such devices are not the same market.

    The Apple “Watch” is an extension of the iPhone (brilliantly done Apple), a 2nd screen for convenience. It allows app developers to deliver their content and systems in yet another way. It is not in any way shape form or fashion a traditional watch, particularly a luxury watch.

    The Apple “Watch” is neat. I put “watch” in quotes because I think it is insulting to both watches and the Apple device to use that term because the Apple Watch is far more than just a watch. It has infinite functionality potential, while a watch is designed to do one thing and one thing extremely well.

    The Apple Watch, like all computer doodads will rapidly depreciate in value as newer and better models “roll off the assembly line.” It’s replacement is being tested now.

    Well made connoisseur watches appreciate in value. They can become heirlooms. The Apple Watch will not. Which is fine. They’re just 2 different things.

    A new market for these devices is opening up. It will be a big market. Many people who lust after an Omega Speedmaster, such as myself, might someday own both. But I will never NOT buy the Omega because I’ve decided to get an Apple Watch.

    Think Toyota Prius vs. Shelby Cobra. Both are transportation. They do it very differently and while I respect the Prius, I lust after the Cobra.

    1. Some people like whips and chains too and a really good quality buggy whip is just the ticket for them. I, on the other hand prefer high quality almost as highly as I do value intelligence. My preferred companion is always going to be a well thought out intuitive partner that is trustworthy and not mechanical. I want more than just ‘time’ from a partner but demand an equal. A mechanical machine just won’t do it.

  5. I have several watches. They mostly sit in a watch box. I had a Moto 360 and Zenwatch. Android Wear is only 4 years behind in design after having a 2 or 3 year head start. When Apple gets to round 2…I sell mine on eBay and get about 75% return which goes to the next product. I ended up giving away the Android watches to my brothers. They aren’t worth trying to resell. I settled on Pebble because I just don’t like Android at all. Enough people are wearing the Watch already that it will likely stay in the Apple lineup for at least a few years. iPod is almost 15 years?? and still hanging on. I think Apple is doing fine. It has been suggested that 2015 is a year of new products and less buggy software. Let’s hope there is more to come 2nd half of 2015.

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