Apple Watch’s true magic lies in what it can’t do

“As I get more comfortable with my Apple Watch during day-to-day activities, I’ve started to figure out what tasks I like doing on it, along with the ones better suited to a larger screen,” Serenity Caldwell writes for iMore. “What I appreciate most about the Watch is that even as a 1.0 product it knows its limitations — it tackles the stuff it can, and offloads the rest to your iPhone.”

“The real beauty is that you can pass that query off to your iPhone with Handoff when you swipe up, rather than having to redictate it on the phone,” Caldwell writes. “Because of the Watch’s superior microphone, I’ve found myself using it for 99 percent of my Siri queries, then handing off to my iPhone when necessary.”

Caldwell writes, “The more I use my Watch, the more I realize that it’s not so much another device as it is another screen for my ecosystem — a way to get information that’s best viewed at a glance, rather than digging through app folders and having the possibility of getting distracted by Twitter.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things. ― Steve Jobs


  1. Exactly. Rather than do the “including the Kitchen Sink” feature syndrome, like the SK slavish copiers. Apple thinks it through and adds features when it deems necessary. Also if it integrates properly ( as best as possible ) with existing ecosystem that truly benefits the user.

    1. Agree its totaly absurd…..
      Reasoning goes from sell in may and go away to apple is a victim of its own size…. Iphone hast toped off… Options manipulations …And all kinds of speculations.

      imho.. Its just profit taking … It will bounce back soon.
      Stay in it for the long run! Just the buyback alone is 25% of the market cap…. Plus… Lots of exciting products down the line ..

      1. Mdn… Whats up with all this troll activity and downvotes..
        Is there an army of paid, competition trolls systematically downvoting positive comments?

        Specially for the watch… Just downvotes and no countpoints…
        Its getting silly !

          1. I agree what’s up with the down votes Jim !!

            I’ve been a shareholder for sometime now but was very surprised after last weeks sell off following a stellar earnings report – don’t 99% of stocks go up after this – AMZN goes up after posting a less than expected loss – lol – purchased more shares earlier today !!

    2. There was (still is) a huge Call open interest and those buyers are starting to close those options (not turning profitable) which forces the option writers to sell shares (reversing what they did when they sold those calls). I am sure there is also some large funds adjusting their holdings (mostly limit their holdings in any single stock to more more than 5%) as AAPL is up huge compared to the rest of the market for the year.

      This is short term…

    3. It is definitely manipulation. Believe it or not, there are big boys out there who want your Apple shares. Before they buy them, they like to create FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and ….er whatever D stands for….DISTRESS? Anyway, once you become fearful, you are toast. Might as well hand them dollar notes in brown sacks to a guy wearing black and white stripes and a mask.

    4. The current psychological pressures I note from my perspective as someone within the US propaganda machine we call ‘the news’:

      1) Greece is about to default on its massive loans and fsck the European Union. That could be a bit of a problem.

      2) Baltimore and so many other places in the USA continue to experience a culture clash between African Americans and the police (of whatever race). Riots, consequential damage, robbery, further death, never a good thing.

      3) The now endless stream of bad news about computer security, Internet security, cyber warfare, retail customer credit card robbery… doesn’t make anyone happy.

      Oh and Bruce Jenner is becoming female.

      … hell in a handbasket! 😉

      1. 6) FUD regarding Apple Watch and initial backlog

        7) Potential “material impact” from the EU investigation of Ireland’s tax policies.

        8) Currency exchange impacts on profits

        To some extent, the shifts in AAPL value probably make more sense to Wall Street insiders who understand some of the underlying currents – options, currency, etc. But no one really understands it (or they would consistently dominate it). It appears to me that insider trading is the surest means to success. Few human beings seem to be able to pass up an unfair advantage when it comes to accumulating wealth.

    5. Slow AppleWatch sales, maybe. There are still plenty of investors who believe AppleWatch will be a huge flop. Amazon and Microsoft have gone after a guaranteed successful market in cloud services. Wall Street seems to think AppleWatch is a joke with absolutely no future.

      They still hate Tim Cook and feel he is an idiot compared to CEOs Jeff Bezos, Reed Hastings and Elon Musk. For Wall Street, no Apple CEO can ever replace Steve Jobs. These are all distorted perceptions, but enough to turn Apple into a seemingly lousy investment. Better for the big investors to simply dump their Apple stock and go for the easy money. Insatiable greed doesn’t necessarily have to make sense because it’s just a human desire.

      I’m not concerned about Apple or Apple’s current share price per se, but I do wonder who and how Wall Street is able to turn a decent quarter into a 10% share price decline. It makes me nervous wondering who has that much power.

    1. Then, you REALLY don’t understand innovation. Another way of thinking…. the sum being greater than the total of its parts, that’s Apple at its very, very best.

  2. If you compare the DOW graph today with the AAPL graph you will see a fairly close correlation. Besides the options trades and some profit taking I think today’s price action had a lot to do with the entire equity market having a slight correction due to interest rates as well. A buying opportunity today for sure.

  3. “Because of the Watch’s superior microphone, I’ve found myself using it for 99 percent of my Siri queries, then handing off to my iPhone when necessary.”

    For me, that’s the litmus test for greatness regarding the Watch. It’s not yet a Dick Tracy videophone on your wrist, if indeed anyone actually wants one. But as an audio interaction device it’s killer. 😀


    I look after my 1.5 yrs kid in the morning, go to work, go for a run with music on my Watch and wireless Beats, play with the kid at night, makes him sleep (sometimes the mum), and boom,  Watch is dead!

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