It’s an Apple Watch Revolution, stupid

“It’s not, as the old saying goes, the economy, stupid,” Cody Willard writes for MarketWatch. “It’s the Apple Watch and other tech revolutions you’re living through that matter.”

“There’s been no bigger bull on the coming Wearables Revolution than yours truly,” Willard writes. “The Apple Watch and other wearables will drive the App Revolution, which we have so successfully ridden for the last seven years, to a whole now level, creating trillions of dollars in value for our economy in coming decades.”

“Do I think Apple will sell a hundred million Apple Watches and other light-interaction wearable form factor gadgets in the next few years?” Willard writes. “Heck yeah.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on April 24th:

Everyone who’s anyone is already, or soon will be, will be wearing Apple Watches everywhere. Watch and see.


      1. Ordered my 42/SS/Milanese on April 10 about 15
        minutes after Apple started taking orders. Promised
        delivery for May 14-27. Got it today at 1PM. Love
        it. Still learning all the nuances. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. Leo Laporte spends his last two weekends that the Apple Watch is no big deal, not much different from other smartwatches, not really a good buy. Yet I see him on his new Screen Savers show wearing his Apple Watch. If your LG is just as good, Leo, why not wear it instead so you’re not embarrassed by your Apple Watch.

    1. Leo Laporte is a horrible and repulsive person… Apple/Jobs’ jelous is his fuel… Andy Ihnatko is an idiot… Paul Thurrot… well, let’s stop.

    2. I used to watch Leo Laporte on the Apple related shows and got totally fed up. He would go to demonstrate an app and not be able to find it on his device and then not know how to use it once he finally did. He has become an incompetent buffoon.

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