Parents send newborn baby’s heartbeat to distant relatives with Apple Watch

“A couple in the US used the Apple Watch Sports model’s heartrate sensor to record the heartbeat of their newborn baby and share it with relatives who couldn’t be at the birth,” Sarah Griffiths reports for The Daily Mail.

“They wrote on their YouTube page: ‘Our first child was born and we used an Apple Watch Sport to send his heartbeat to our distant family members it was a really awesome experience that we couldn’t have done without the Apple Watch,'” Griffiths reports. “In the video, the Sports Watch, which costs from £299 ($349) is pressed gently to the baby’s arm as his father initiates the sensor and a reading is taken, shown by the flashing pink heart on the screen.”

Griffiths reports, “The parents used Apple’s Digital Touch function to then send the heart beat data to their friends.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That has to be a first of its kind moment!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Scott M.” for the heads up.]


  1. I am guessing they used youtube to send the images we see here???? I am also guessing that their relatives did not have the Apple watch???

  2. I’m sure their relatives were delighted and totally blown away by the whole experience and weren’t for a single millisecond thinking “why oh why oh why.”

  3. I was toying around with my Apple Watch and decided to test the heartbeat feature while the watch wasn’t on. While the watch was laid flat on the bed I used my two fingers to apply pressure. Up came my heartbeat. Not even on my wrist. So now I’m not sure what to think. I wondered why my heartbeat was the same sitting at my desk as it was when I got off the treadmill. Anyone else attempt anything similar?

  4. Is it me or is the heart beat sharing feature just lame.

    I’m waiting for the news report of a spouse catching their cheating partner because of the heart beat monitor.

    Once again not a feature that makes me rush out and buy an Apple Watch

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