Open thread: So, how do you like your Apple Watch?

So, are you among the relatively lucky few who’ve received your Apple Watch and had some quality time to spend with it?

How’s it working out? Are you liking it? Any problems? Any surprises? How’s the battery life holding out for you after much extra Day One poking, prodding, and Digital Crowning? Have you had to do a restart, as we did on one unit, to get phone calls working again this morning? Other than that, we’ve had no issues of which to speak – although, and this is obviously minor, we do wish we could customize the astronomy Watch face (we’d love to have battery life available there).

Praise or critique, have it at it below!

So, how do you like your Apple Watch?

MacDailyNews Take: We love ours! We’d venture to guess that Steve Jobs would be proud.


      1. It’s awesome. Not as fat as the pics make it look and way better than the pics make it look.

        Got mine Friday, I went for the 42mm Sport with White band. I initially wanted the stainless steel version, but I am not a fan of polished stainless steel (always shows way too many scuffs and scratches) I prefer brushed stainless steel, so that pretty much resigned me to the Sport version.

        I was a bit sceptical about how useful the Watch was going to be, but having used it extensively, I can say my iPhone 6 has now become a desk bound or pocket bound ‘hub’ for my watch.

    1. That would the an Android knockoff with a Samsung battery you purchased. Try not to buy that cheap on the street corner Apple products, chances are you can get burned.

        1. the stainless has a nice look to it.

          i wonder how well the sport bands would work as a tourniquet. it’d be interesting to hear from someone with the sport watch who might have found themselves in a similar situation.

  1. I love mine. It was scheduled to be delivered May 13. It came yesterday instead. It was easy to set up and easy to start using. Absolutely stunning. I haven’t had to jerk my arm around to get the watch going as some have stated. A simple roll of the arm works. I see great potential for the Apple Watch!

    1. I originally ordered a black steel for $1099 scheduled for June within the first few minutes, then immediately after bought a $699 classic buckle shipping Apr24-May8 to get me by til then. But a few days ago I decided I was unwilling to accept a June ship date and have to deal with reselling my 2-month used watch, and cancelled the June order and settling for the silver. Ugh, oh well, maybe for the second gen I’ll get the black I really wanted. Still waiting for mine anyway though :-\

  2. My wife’s blue-banded 38mm Sport arrived yesterday morning, and she could not be more delighted with it.

    Unlike the iPad, where “you already know how to use it” some learning time is recommended. A little video tutorial did the trick.

    Now, if my gray 42mm would only ship… ⌚️

  3. Definitely have noticed that USA Today has an anti-Apple bias in everything they write. 500 people will be bat-shit crazy about an Apple device and USA Today will focus on the one doofus who doesn’t understand how to tie his shoes, let alone use an Apple product.

  4. You guys have heard me loud and clear. I got my Watch yesterday. I had used one over the past few weeks from developing iOS stuff from an Accelerator. I do like the Watch, but it has yet to prove me wrong. It’s cool no doubt, but I have yet to find any real necessity for it other than just being a geek and liking new gadgets.

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