Can Apple top its historic last quarter?

“Apple made history — not to mention an obscene amount of money — in its last quarterly result,” Jon Swartz reports for USA Today. “Let us count the ways: A record 74.5 million iPhones sold. The largest quarterly profit — a staggering $18 billion — in corporate history. A mountain of revenue generated ($74.6 billion) on stellar earnings of $3.06 a share.”

MacDailyNews Take: Stupid question, obviously — unless we missed Christmas in February.

“So, can it possibly top such an historic quarter, when it reports its fiscal second-quarter results late Monday?” Swartz wonders. “No one reasonably expects the same iPhone results. Apple was the beneficiary of white-hot sales of a long-awaited bigger-screen smartphone during the holiday season, its best quarter of the year.”

“On the revenue side, analysts expect Apple to ring up $55.9 billion, up 22% from the same quarter a year earlier, according to research firm FactSet,” Swartz reports. “Analysts are calling for the company to report 29.5% higher adjusted earnings of $2.15 a share. Investors are gobbling up shares in anticipation of the results, to be announced after markets close. Apple’s stock closed at $130.28 on Friday, up 18% for the year and 61% in the last 12 months.”

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MacDailyNews Note: We’ll bring you Apple’s Q215 results on Monday, April 27th right around 4:30pm EDT. Following that, we’ll cover Apple’s conference call with live notes beginning at 5pm (check our home page tomorrow at approximately 4:45pm EDT for the link).


  1. EGG curves that properly adjust +-BUN show escalating profits as long as JAM coefficients from recent product launches don’t undermine BACN.

    So while disproportionate attention will likely be given to such things as Watch metrics, it’s really AAPL’s fundamental SAMN that we ought to look at.

    1. Seriously, do you think most readers know what the heck you’re talking about? How about define all those cutesy food sounding terms once in a while, unless this is just all for fun.

      1. I certainly don’t want to give the impression of patronizing other readers by providing too many explanations when most are well acquainted with such things as EGG curves and SAMN fundamentals, but I’d be happy to spell things out a bit more for those who had the good sense to avoid business school.

  2. Here’s what Apple said about 2Q earnings during the 1Q results:
    “In its guidance for the second quarter, Apple called for revenue between $52 billion and $55 billion, and a gross margin between 38.5 and 39.5 percent. The company is also expected to make another dividend payout.”

    1. So if the analysts predict 55.9 billion, they are exceeding Apple’s own guidance. Then Apple had better exceed its own guidance, too, otherwise It is “falling short of expectations.” Talk about a rigged game.

          1. Aside from gOD, the progression of the value of AAPL is an organic sum of it’s parts. I’m all with the AAPL stock going up $20 per share after hours monday, and it may happen, but $20 is short term thinking

            been riding this roller coaster for a long while, so follow my analogy, as the car ratchets higher i see more and more, yet the nay-sayers keep telling me once you go down, the down is more down and down
            the nay-sayers must’a rode roller coasters, and thought investing was a matter of “gett’in off ’bout where ya got on”, only higher, give or take.

            got on on floor 5 and now in the clouds

            I am not where i started and i am not going to be where i am now, thanks to one good choice

            it will go, just don’t be selfish for now, and twenty is just the start

  3. Another stupid, clickbait article from the “let’s take the easy road to generating ad revenue” crowd.

    March quarter results have been lower than December quarter results, since I began tracking Apple’s financial QoQ (and YoY) performance in 2004.

    Posing the question, without referring to the data, shows that the author can write well, but his research and depth of knowledge sucks big time.

    1. Are you concerned with Kuo’s low iPad number which is much lower than WS? He was within 100k units last quarter and only a couple million light on the iPhone number.

    2. If I’m not wrong, you are an independent analyst with a decent track record. I’m going to take a wild guess and suppose that your analyses are not biased or polluted by blogs, shady manipulation, fantasy etc. but stick to fundamentals. Unlike too many of the others. Keep up the good work

    1. it the end of the day it doesn’t matter what the haters or trolls like you think.

      It’s the consumers that matter and they are giving Apple their $$$, they don’t really read the troll posts, they’ve used Apple stuff or seen their friends use them and they know the quality. Apple knows this and thats why spends tiny amounts on advertising , less than 10% of Samsung, Apple sells by Word of Mouth by happy users to others and that screens out whatever trolls spew.

      Haters said bad stuff also about iPhone making fake bend-gate etc. . Well the “Bendgate” iPhone sold more than 70 million in a quarter (new customers buy after hearing their friends gushing about loving it) and Apple is now taking 90% of the profits of the phone industry while Samsung’s phone profits continue to plummet (even all the Ad $$$ in the world including hiring astro-turfers can’t B.S people forever).

      Last 12 months Apple investors have over 50% gain on stock and the stock is Still undervalued (less than the S&P average), it’s P.E is lower than google and Msft. So plenty of room to grow.

      The Watch by all indications is a smash hit, outselling all the other smart watches sales for a year in hours. The new Macbook is also a hit. And we’re just at the start of the years releases: New iPhone 7 (or 6S) which by all indications is going to be terrific, new TV set up box probably etc.
      Apple fans and Apple investors are laughing at you.

      sure trolls give me the one stars. Show me I’ve hit a nerve.

  4. If Christmas can be regarded as broadly equivalent to Chinese New Year as a commercial opportunity, then there is a second Christmas in February for any company that has had the foresight to treat the Chinese market seriously.

    I don’t think that we’re about to see this quarter equalling the previous quarter, but I do think that there will have been very high sales in China, which will dramatically boost what was traditionally a rather flat quarter. Furthermore, I see this trend increasing as Apple becomes more established in China.

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