Why the Apple Watch app gold rush will end poorly for most

“It’s been a long wait since September, but Apple Watch launch day is finally upon us—and Apple has brought some 3,000 apps to the party, according to the best estimates. At the time of writing, WatchAware is showing 2,436,” David Nield explains for ReadWrite. “”

“Once the initial rush for Watch compatibility dies down, and Apple opens up the field to standalone apps that can run independently on the wearable, we’ll get a much better idea of who has found the right balance and who hasn’t,” Nield writes. “The winners in the wearable app rush will be the ones that offer the most usefulness, not those that got there first.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re loving our Apple Watches already, but we can’t wait to see what some third-party native apps can deliver in the future.


    1. I’m going to say I doubt that Apple would venture into the medical device arena. A non-invasive blood glucose monitor has been a holy grail for many companies and so far nothing has come to market.

      So much liability, federal regulations and monitoring would be required for a medical device like that.

  1. Silly article. Basically says that the Watch’s success will depend on how well developers do designing their apps to work on a 1.5″ screen.

    Um, duh! If an app has too small of text/icons, or not much information on it, or the wrong/useless information, then there’s no need to have an Watch.

    But Watch developers aren’t going to massively screw up their apps, because most will already know how to design good apps for the iPhone.

    1. No, no. I think his analysis is BRILLIANT!
      ““The winners in the wearable app rush will be the ones that offer the most usefulness, not those that got there first.”

      None of us would ever have figured that out! /s

  2. For physicians, the MedTunnel app which allows physicians to send patient related message is awesome. I already have it installed on my watch and have already viewed x-rays on it.

  3. “…ends poorly …” please define “poorly”. If your app barely sells to 36 million customers…and you have low expenses and you’re a slow coder, then you might make out okay.

  4. What a stupid sub-title for this article. Did the author or some editor just HAVE to impose FUD into the article for the sake of Hit Whoring?!

    Too bad most of them are doomed to obscurity.

    Shut up. Let the future define itself in this NEW market.

  5. The watch is definitely cool. Blood glucose would be hard. Maybe a spike appears under the phone and the taptic engine creates a puncture 😉
    But seriously apps that would be useful to me:
    Custom watch faces
    Nike+ Run app companion
    Soccer scores app (get a buzz every time a premier league team scores and five buzzes when your favorite team does).

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