Neil Cavuto blasts ‘those dregs at Apple’ over Apple Watch availability

“If you ordered early and fast, chances are you finally got that little Apple wonder for your wrist. But if you didn’t order right away on April 10, you’re going to be cooling your jets… because you’re not getting it anytime soon,” Neil Cavuto writes for FOXBusiness. “And that supremely bugs me on the customer service front. Because I think Apple is handling this whole watch rollout badly … very badly.”

“And getting the watch late isn’t what bugs me. All these stars — like Pharrell and Drake and Beyonce and Anna Wintour — getting them early, and likely for free … that really bugs me,” Cavuto writes. “Apple’s practically shouting, ‘They’re cool, and the rest of you, particularly you, Neil, are not. You chill. Because you’re a chump.’”

MacDailyNews Take: Now, to be fair, Neil, this is only because you are a chump. A really, supremely bugged chump. Who needs to chill.

(Our Apple Watches are awesome, by the way!)

“Good luck nabbing one of these things quickly, or easily. You can’t just walk into an Apple store and get one,” Cavuto writes. “You have to set up an appointment, and order online again, to have them send it to your home. Let’s just say it’s confusing.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ordeing something online and having it shipped to your doorstep. Sooo confusing!

“And the more I see these Hollywood and music-mogul types donning these damn things on their wrists, the more I want to get my hands wrapped around their throats,” Cavuto writes. “It’s like their shoving their preferred status in our faces. And I’m not even talking Drake … I’m talking those dregs at Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on March 12th:
All of these articles about how poor you are for being incensed over Apple Watch Edition’s price or how big of a douchebag you have to be to buy one are doing Apple Watch’s marketing, product positioning, and market segmentation for Apple gratis.

As we explained last month: The $17,000 Apple Watch Edition vastly separates Apple Watch from the stupidwatches. Editions are mobile billboards and perpetual interest-generators for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport that also elevate the perception of quality for both of those models.

Apple is brilliant. These gorgeous 18-karat gold Apple Watch Editions will begin showing up on the wrists of celebrities, famous athletes, and captains of industry very soon. And they will influence the rest of the world to lust after Apple Watch, too. And, here’s more Apple brilliance, unlike a $51,500 Piaget watch, your average Joe and Jane… will actually be able to partake in the same exact user experience with the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, March 9, 2015


  1. In the book Becoming Steve Jobs the author describes how Steve provided celebrities early models of the Macintosh before anyone else could get one. This is, therefore, hardly a new strategy.

  2. I ordered mine online within 5 minutes of availability and no delivery yet. What makes me angry is that no Apple Stores have any inventory but yet some high end retailers do. This is a serious misstep for Apple no matter how much lipstick other may put on it. The investment in training retail staff and keeping that retail experience the stores we intended to create is at best a paused experience. As a stockholder its a new concerning area I have about the supply chain an area Apple has been particularly strong in managing. To have no sellable product in the store is just plain idiotic regardless of new category. Appl has introduced new category products and when was the last time they no zilch inventory (not even limited) for sale? Anyone? This needs corrected asap

  3. Samsung will soon be doing the same thing by putting (or paying to put) their Android watches (I say their Android, but Samsung doesn’t own Android) on celebrities.
    At which point the celebrities will go home and tweet on their Apple Watch how much they love their Samsung watch.

  4. Ordered SS BSB :03 into sale – order is still “processing.” Seriously flawed process. Not pleased with Apple and their famed logistics expertise. Yes, it’s complex, but the end customer experience leaves much to be desired when they can’t meet the expectations of those that played the game and ordered early.

    1. It’s definitely hard to believe they could drop the ball like this. You can walk in to any Best Buy and get as many Scamsome Galaxy Gear watches you want. /s

  5. Neil is saying he isn’t a celebrity, he’s just a guy that wanted one, and there is elitism going on at Apple. The privileged get these products, but you plebs do not.

    However, this is merely coming out of the advertising budget, and while it isn’t a commercial, celebs are commercial-like advertising, but yes, it comes off as elitism.

    As for the launch, yup, botched. Apple continues to show the 04.24.15 TV commercial, and doesn’t inform any average Joe that “No, we don’t have any in-store to buy on that date.” The expectation by millions of people is they can start going to Apple retail locations on that date and buy one. This is not pretty at all.

    Apple should simply have launched it on the 24th and taken all those builds of watches and shipped them to retail locations to start selling. Massive lines, lots of excitement and massive amounts of local and national FREE MEDIA coverage surrounding the watch. But now? Nothing… Really dumb IMHO…

    And I can’t understand, nor has anyone clearly explained, why it was pre-ordered and launched this way? How has this been better than a solid launch day when the product is available at retail locations?

    – Lost media coverage: Yup. In spades.
    – Confused would-have-been customers: Yup.
    – No big lines and excitement on launch day? Yup.
    – Apple training people to NOT go to retail and purchase products? Yup. Big mistake when they’ve got billions riding on their retail location sales…

    Someone logically explain how this has somehow made Apple: More money, more free publicity, more excitement, and created less confusion, because I haven’t seen it. Nor has anyone I know…

    1. Great points! Seriously what was Tim and the leadership team thinking? Are we really to believe that they were so conservative in their sales forecasts that the only saleable inventory go to boutique stores. Steve created the Apple stores for the experience of Apple only to find the new retail chief promoting sales at high-end boutiques…what a slap in the face to Apple customers, Apple retail teams. Misguided retail strategy, poor production and supply chain planning. “Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right” – Apple admit you didn’t get it right. Handing out watches to celebrities is another slap in the face to the average customer. “You’ve baked a really lovely cake, but then you’ve used dog shit for frosting” – Steve Jobs. The cake is the watch and dog shit is this launch.

  6. Bought my first Mac in 1984, never owned a PC, worked in an Apple retail store, own 2 iPhone 6+’s, an iPad Air, and a Mac Pro.

    2 Apple Watches on order, June and July delivery respectively.

    Worst Apple product launch EVER!

  7. I’m so disappointed. My wife and I both preordered at 12:05 and 12:06. (3 am my time) We were only this late because of an error with ApplePay and now we still don’t even have a shipping confirmation?? The only communication was an email saying the same exact thing they told me 30 seconds after preordering?

    We are an all Apple family with 2 macs, 2 iPhones, 3 iPads, 3 AppleTVs and an even a new Airport Extreme so please don’t think I’m not loyal. It’s just hard to remember being this excited about a product launch and still not knowing when I’ll receive it considering I preordered 5 & 6 minutes after it was available.

  8. Apple fan here. But seriously…how much sale$ were not recognized today at Apple Stores? The new retail chief can say all she wants that this is a ‘new category’ but iPod, iPhone, AppleTV…and list goes on with all successful products/new categories that Apple launched with inventory in stores after online pre-sales and introductions. Seriously don’t claim it’s some grandiose marketing ploy or planned outcome. If you do, then let’s go back to 1996 when there was over $1m of the Apple PowerBook orders that were unfulfilled for months. Pure genius move?

  9. I’m sorry about your feelings of inferiority Neil. Now get a grip on reality, stop slagging off on Apple and PAY ATTENTION to what’s actually going on with the Watch shortage. And deal with the fact that Apple is never perfect. They’re just better than all the alternatives.

      1. I don’t know about ‘EVER!’ But obviously it was no where near an optimum launch. With time, we’re going to get a good idea about what actually happened to bottleneck the release of watches, as opposed to the usual useless rumor mongering. Meanwhile, I still point to the fact that this is an entirely new market for Apple, plus the fact that the previously released stupid and smart watches offered ZERO guidance to Apple regarding what to expect regarding demand. THANKFULLY demand is enormous!!! An real horror would have been if the demand had been awful and Apple got stuck with stock no one wanted, à la the 1996 $1 Billion in unwanted Apple Mac Performas. THERE was a catastrophe. This Watch problem is, as many have pointed out, a most desirous problem, the envy of every other stupid and smart watch maker!!! Apple can’t make enough of them!

        With time and experience, Apple will be able to better predict demand in this market and straighten out this, to be honest, bleeding edge problem.

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