Neil Cavuto blasts ‘those dregs at Apple’ over Apple Watch availability

“If you ordered early and fast, chances are you finally got that little Apple wonder for your wrist. But if you didn’t order right away on April 10, you’re going to be cooling your jets… because you’re not getting it anytime soon,” Neil Cavuto writes for FOXBusiness. “And that supremely bugs me on the customer service front. Because I think Apple is handling this whole watch rollout badly … very badly.”

“And getting the watch late isn’t what bugs me. All these stars — like Pharrell and Drake and Beyonce and Anna Wintour — getting them early, and likely for free … that really bugs me,” Cavuto writes. “Apple’s practically shouting, ‘They’re cool, and the rest of you, particularly you, Neil, are not. You chill. Because you’re a chump.’”

MacDailyNews Take: Now, to be fair, Neil, this is only because you are a chump. A really, supremely bugged chump. Who needs to chill.

(Our Apple Watches are awesome, by the way!)

“Good luck nabbing one of these things quickly, or easily. You can’t just walk into an Apple store and get one,” Cavuto writes. “You have to set up an appointment, and order online again, to have them send it to your home. Let’s just say it’s confusing.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ordeing something online and having it shipped to your doorstep. Sooo confusing!

“And the more I see these Hollywood and music-mogul types donning these damn things on their wrists, the more I want to get my hands wrapped around their throats,” Cavuto writes. “It’s like their shoving their preferred status in our faces. And I’m not even talking Drake … I’m talking those dregs at Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on March 12th:
All of these articles about how poor you are for being incensed over Apple Watch Edition’s price or how big of a douchebag you have to be to buy one are doing Apple Watch’s marketing, product positioning, and market segmentation for Apple gratis.

As we explained last month: The $17,000 Apple Watch Edition vastly separates Apple Watch from the stupidwatches. Editions are mobile billboards and perpetual interest-generators for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport that also elevate the perception of quality for both of those models.

Apple is brilliant. These gorgeous 18-karat gold Apple Watch Editions will begin showing up on the wrists of celebrities, famous athletes, and captains of industry very soon. And they will influence the rest of the world to lust after Apple Watch, too. And, here’s more Apple brilliance, unlike a $51,500 Piaget watch, your average Joe and Jane… will actually be able to partake in the same exact user experience with the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, March 9, 2015


  1. Hey Niel… You’re sitting there “cooling your jets” NOT because Beyonce wanted one. The long waiting list exists because EVERYONE wants one (including self-described “chumps”).

  2. LOL sooo Neil you are sounding Awfully “entitled”. Sounds like you feel you DESERVE a watch.

    Looks like Apples marketing magic is working and poor Neil can’t STAND IT LOL!

    1. No, you didn’t get it straight.
      But you DID tow the party lines till they were taut faster than the Clintons could raise another mil….(well, almost)

  3. I’m with Neil on this one. It is getting a little much! Exuding quality and prestige is one thing. Starting to feel a little like snobbish elitism. Most folks don’t find that appleeing. Hey, I have mine but have no intention of sticking it in anyone’s face.

      1. Marketing (like the white ear buds did for iPods) and supply. You do not build 5x demand and then throw away the ones that don’t sell …… Unless you are Samsung.

    1. Fortunately for Apple, most Apple customers proudly “think different” from “most folks.” 🙂 How’s that for “snobbish elitism.”

      Apple is handling the Apple Watch launch brilliantly.

      Option 1: HUGE unsold inventory of Apple Watch scattered at hundreds of Apple Stores and thousands of other authorized retailer locations around the world (so that customers can get the exact model they want). The locations will still sell out or not have the exact model each customer wants, causing disappointment. Cost VERY high. Risk VERY high.

      Option 2: Let customers try Apple Watch at Apple Stores and then order Apple Watch online. Produce almost every Apple Watch to precisely fulfill actual orders, not fill unsold inventory. There is effectively NO unsold inventory. Apple Watch is “pre-sold” before leaving the factory. Customers, including for the earliest orders, will have to wait two weeks or longer for delivery, but they will get the exact model desired. Cost optimal. Risk optimal.

      In a few years, Apple’s “Option 2” will be one of those business school case studies.

      1. With $Billions in the bank Apple could have handled your option 1 without blinking. And besides that they are the most convinced that the Apple watch is a device we all have to have. They don’t seem to show much confidence if your option 1 wasn’t acceptable to them.

        1. Apple has “$Billions in the bank” because they don’t waste money by being stupid and inefficient. Also, Apple was certainly confident about Apple Watch, but they did NOT know which models would be the most popular and least popular (the precise ratio of models to produce MONTHS in advance for the mega stockpile). There are 38 Apple Watch models (30 not counting the gold models), and every retail location needs to have an adequate supply of every model, but that’s not realistically possible (as demonstrated by new iPhone launches with much fewer model choices).

          Therefore, “Option 1” would STILL result in many (if not most) retail locations being sold out on the most popular models after the first weekend (or maybe the first day) of in-store sales, resulting in widespread disappointment of customers (and the typical whiny criticism from the media). So, after a few days of expensive chaos at Apple Stores and other retail locations, it’s order and wait… (sound familiar?)

          With Option 2, Apple stockpiles a large number of watch parts and bands. After the “pre-orders” begin, Apple ramps up production to complete assembly and packaging of watch models to precisely match the actual orders. Zero customers do get disappointed, after waiting for hours in line, thinking the exact model they want is available (and it’s not). Instead, they have to wait a few weeks, but that is known before making the commitment, and they get exactly the model they want after the wait. And their FULL effort is a few clicks or taps at the online Apple Store, NOT standing in line for hours at an Apple Store.

          The only thing I would change for future Apple Watch new model releases is changing the description of the process (without changing the actual process). Strike the terms “pre-order” and “release date” from the Apple Watch vocabulary. Instead, if applied to the current release, describe it this way…

          “Personal one-on-one appointments to try an Apple Watch begin April 10 at Apple Stores. You can select and order your Apple Watch starting April 10, through the online Apple Store. Deliveries begin on April 24 (estimated delivery date based on availability of selected model at time of order).”

          1. 38 options are just too many. That WAS stupid and inefficient especially considering a brand new completely different product line. If you are going to start with a small inventory and worry about not being able to send people home from an Apple store with the watch of their choice forcing them to order online then don’t have so many choices. Start with a BIG supply of watches; just not with 38 choices. That’s smart and efficient.

            1. 38 models is what this particular product required, to create a successful new product in a new market. Designing the product comes first, followed by devising how to produce and sell it. And this product IS already successful, based on the number and diversity of customers who want it. You can’t say Apple Watch is not successful. At this point, saying that Apple should have offered only FIVE (or whatever number of) models is completely irrelevant. Apple Watch is what it is…

              The ultimate in “smart and efficient” (if customer enthusiasm allows it) is getting the orders first, THEN producing most of the watches to match the orders. Production to fulfill demand, not create supply. That’s like a dream world for manufacturing, where there is no unsold inventory collecting dust. The long “pre-order” period gave Apple a two-week “head start” before the first expected delivery date (which was unfortunately called the “release date”). And you can’t say this method was not successful, because millions of customers have already ordered.

            2. Of the 38 choices some are clearly slugs. In fact that’s how the guys at MacDailyNews got their Apple watches today; they ordered the ugly combinations and will replace the watch bands at a later date. Yes, millions have been “ordered” but many of those who placed those orders are not happy having to wait. That’s is very different that “millions have received” their Apple watches and are happy. Finally since Angela Ahrendts had to make a last minute video to calm the Apple Store employees concerns it is clear the Apple is in a bit of a frenzy to increase production. I would rather have a watch that is made by people who are calmly assembling as many watches as possible without being pressed rather than by people who are in a frenzy to equal Apple’s frenzy. That can affect quality negatively. You make good points ken1w, it’s late, I’m out.

  4. Hey Neil I sympathize and feel your pain, and while I can imagine this was a supper terrific advertising campaign, I think it would have left a more palatable taste in my mouth if Apple had also raffled off a few of the SS Models to the general public. Just the idea that we working 9-5 middle class stiffs get reamed at every turn, so if you gonna give-a-way a few $10,000 watches for advertisement, why not 10, $1000 watches to, say, the best in a contest to describe how they intend to use the Apple Watch. After all its we, the lowly middle-class trods who make your Billions.

  5. I have a hard time thinking Neil wasn’t being a little tongue-in-cheek.

    Of course, I might have missed something, but I see him being self-deprecating quite a bit (not to be confused with Al Roker’s self-defecating….).

        1. Hmmm. He’s appeared on Fox News exclusively since 1996 and currently has three shows. You’ve seen him be self-deprecating quite a bit. But you don’t watch Fox much.

          1. And your problem with that?

            I don’t watch FOX except for Bret Baier on occasion (and maybe The Five) but when I DID watch it a lot (or see it now at a friends/relatives/business) and Neil is/was on there, he seems the same as always.

            I have family that always have market channels on, plus I used to enjoy watching him before Fox Business.

  6. He is either a Hit Whore or a business reporter who knows nothing about manufacturing or the logistics for a new product production start-up. Which is a serious shortcoming (but I guess about what you would expect from a FOX employee.

    As for A List pre launch advertising – I can think of no group less likely to be on Apple Marketing Dept list, than Fox Channel

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