Massive queue greets Apple Watch launch at Colette

“By 10 a.m., more than 150 people were lined up at Colette, forming a queue around the corner and nearly all the way down to the Tuileries gardens,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “The line didn’t start moving until 11 a.m.”

“It did however attract lots of attention, and at times snarl traffic along Rue Saint-Honoré as curious onlookers and media blocked sidewalks and walked out into the narrow streets,” Dilger reports. “Paris police were also on the scene, armed with automatic weapons.”

“Shortly after the first customers entered the store, the first buyer — a young man named Teddy, living in Paris — emerged with a Colette bag and was immediately accosted by media cameras and boom mics,” Dilger reports. “He told me he’d chosen the 42mm Apple Watch Sport with a black band.”

Apple Watch buyers queue outside Colette in Paris (photo: AppleInsider)
Apple Watch buyers queue outside Colette in Paris (photo: AppleInsider)

“It’s not yet clear how many more customers will leave this store with the Watch model they wanted,” Dilger reports. “As the line grew, a young English man pulled open the door of his car, then signaled his driver to proceed to another location because ‘this line is too long.'”

Read more, and see all of the photos, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Imagine the bedlam if these were available at Apple Retail Stores!


    1. Most articles say AppleWatch turnout is dismal and sales will amount to nothing. That’s the anti-Apple news media in action. It has to be either ignorance or pure hate.

  1. Looks like Samsung should create new commierials mocking Apple Watch and those that wait in line for it. They can show the Next Big Thing… a 3.5 inch Samsung Watch and the bump them together.

  2. So why weren’t all those watches delivered to people who ordered them online during the first 24 hours? Apple allowed these customers to cut the line.

    Worst Apple product launch EVER!

    I tried to order my Apple Watch at 11:59 PM and was unable to place an order until 12:08 AM. The website was not allowing purchases until 8 minutes after midnight PDT. By that time most models had wait times of over six weeks with the most popular models delivering in June or July.

    Worst Apple product launch EVER!

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