Apple Watch launch: One for the history books

“Apple will instantly become the major player in the smartwatch market at 12:00:01 AM on April 24,” Doug Olenick writes for Forbes. “Basically the second the Watch is officially available.”

“While Apple is no stranger to coming into a product category and quickly displacing the top dog, what will take place with the Apple Watch is something entirely new, even for Apple. The tech research firm ABIResearch is forecasting that Apple will ship 13.77 million units in 2015,” Olenick writes. “Considering 28.1 million smartwatches of all brands will ship worldwide this year means Apple will immediately grab almost 50 percent of the entire market.”

“For a little bit of perspective on how phenomenal the Watch launch is, Apple shipped only 378,000 iPods during that products first year on the market from October 2001 through the end of 2002, just under 1 million in 2003 and it wasn’t until 2005 that annual iPod shipments were higher than the number of Watches expected to ship this year,” Olenick writes. “The iPad did jump out to a fast start with over 7 million shipping its first year in 2010 leaping to 32 million in 2011, but even the iPhone took three years to surpass the numbers that the Watch will generate during its first year on the market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If Apple can make more than 13.77 million Apple Watch units in 2015, they’ll sell more than that; as many as they can make.


    1. Not true, they’ve been in hands-on demo units in Apple retail stores for almost 2 weeks now. Didn’t even need an appointment, unless you want to try it on.

  1. “Apple will instantly become the major player in the smartwatch market at 12:00:01 AM on April 24,”

    As always, if you see the word “Forbes” you’re about to meet an idiot.

    There is no becoming. Apple always has been THE major player. Samcopy etc. were only producing stupidwatches in response to what they thought Apple were going to do.

  2. It went from preparing shipment the last few days to arriving tomorrow (today 4/24) .. That was a surprise!

    Sign highlighting doorbell – Check
    Fresh batteries in doorbell – Check
    Stuck in house all day – Check

  3. Apple, under Steve Jobs, was looking out 20 years ahead for where consumers & computing devices were going.

    Then it acquired the technology slowly but surely in everything from OS, apps, chip design, graphics, and supply chain and expanded the product line with a surprise every 3-5 years in a new product.

    In spite of competitors seeing Apple’s rise and dedication, no other computer company attempted to follow and become vertically integrated like Apple.

    Consequently, Apple has virtually “locked out” competitor’s ability to match the Apple Watch, because of the interactive ability of the group of Apple products even though they have known about it since Cook’s original announcement at least.

    It is an amazing story, that someone is going to write a technical book about showing how a vision, creating/managing techology and persistence created Apple.

  4. It’s amazing seeing all the YouTube videos of people putting on wearable Apple devices for the first time. I can’t wait to get mine. The perfect device for a seamless transition into the future of integrating technology and biology.

    1. It may take an extra day. The only cautionary caveat I’ve seen is the fact only the high end sapphire watches are mostly impervious. The Sports watches not so much but then you still have to extraordinary methods to make a dent.

      You know how badly the Apple Haters out there want to make the Apple Watch look bad anyway they can.

    2. All the naysayers got their watches. They are too busy having fun with them to think up anything bad to say. When their hit-counts drop they’ll dream up something.

    1. This just means the counters have started redefining the category to include lots of peripheral stuff, perhaps including FitBits and other fitness trackers in the totals. They did the same with smart watches, remember, to downplay Apple’s piece of the pie.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking. Let’s analyze the stupidity in this statement, shall we?

      Pebble sold 1 million of their watches last year (up from 400,000) the year before, I believe. Very respectable, even considering they were the first with anything worth owning). Android Wear combined (Samsung and Moto being the only players worth mentioning) sold LESS than 1 million last year. Apple sold over 1 million on the *first day* of preorders. . .in the US alone!

      So the brainiacs at ABIResearch are saying Pebble, Samsung, and Motorola are ALL going to see an *8 fold increase* in their sales this year. Color me skeptical.

  5. No way to figure out Wall Street. Apple has a phenomenal new product to go with a outstanding product lineup and is up .50. GOOG misses analyst’s estimates six straight quarters and is up 20. MS is up 3.50 because of cloud storage. Ge’ez!

  6. There was a post recently describing in beautiful detail how each watch is made. The fact that Apple will manufacture 13M watches as perfect as those in the post is truly incredible. Apple’s standard of manufacture is so far beyond what anyone else is doing is truly amazing.

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