Apple Watch is already attracting retailers and e-commerce giants

“The first shipment of Apple’s Apple Watches just began Friday morning, but retailers and e-commerce giants are already betting on the new device,” Rebecca Borison reports for TheStreet.

“The Apple Watch app store went live late on Thursday and among more than 3,000 apps in the store are ones from Amazon, eBay, Zulily, Target and other retailers,” Borison reports. “‘eBay’s goal is to facilitate shopping whenever and wherever — on their desk, in their pocket, or even on their wrist,’ said David Cheng, director of mobile products at eBay by email. ‘The eBay for Apple Watch app will be another step forward in driving our vision to deliver frictionless commerce by bringing simplicity while maintaining utility.'”

“The eBay Apple Watch app will enable users to follow auctions in real time and receive notifications ‘so that they can react immediately and never miss a sale,'” Cheng added,” Borison reports. “Such activity will take advantage of the Apple Watch’s being easily accessible at all times of the day. ‘That’s a great notice to get on my watch,’ Gartner managing vice president Gene Alvarez said by phone. ‘I can tap and boom, make my bid and I’m moving on,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’ll be fascinating to see what works on Apple Watch and what doesn’t.


      1. Absolutely, this is ushering in a whole new era of wearable devices and I’m sure that the stock will eventually reflect that, well maybe, I’m an optimist.

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