Geek cheats on girl, she takes terrible revenge on his Apple devices

“An unfaithful tech-crazy guy has been taught a lesson he won’t forget by his long-suffering girlfriend,” Mia Tahara-Stubbs reports for CNBC.

“A tweet complete with a photo of a bathtub full of drowning electronic gadgets has been doing the rounds on social media,” Tahara-Stubbs reports. “‘Got caught cheating but isn’t dumping all my gadgets in the bath too messed up?'”

Tahara-Stubbs reports, “Japanese user @foolishnessfly2 was found out by his girlfriend who then sent him a picture of his Apple gadgets sinking in a bathtub full of water. Apparently, his girlfriend sent the photo of his drowned gadgets to his work flip phone…”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ouch!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Scott M.” for the heads up.]


      1. Well, like Letterman says: “Treat a lady like a whore, and a whore like a lady.”

        Okay, probably not applicable here, but it’s so politically incorrect it’s funny.

  1. Guy was obviously a jerk for his behavior, although her actions were criminal. She should be arrested and prosecuted. After all she chose this moron. She bears responsibility for her actions not matter what this fool did.

    1. Trying to figure out why people down-voted your comment when nothing you said is controversial in the least. Very poor moral behavior by one person doesn’t justify destructive criminal behavior by another.

    2. Her actions were criminal? Clearly you think it is perfectly okay to cheat on your girlfriend.

      The law may back you up, but that does not mean the law is just or you are right to feel this way. He had it coming I say.

      1. We’re assuming he did cheat on her. Whether he did or not is immaterial, she destroyed thousands of dollars worth of his property. While it’s understandable, it’s not acceptable.

      2. How does stating a fact of law equate to him accepting infidelity? If your significant other is unfaithful that doesn’t give you the “right” to destroy their property. Where do you draw the line? What if she’d trashed his car? Burned his house down? Does the one free felony you seem to think being cheated on entitles you to extend to everything, or just Apple products?


        1. There’s no law against cheating, even tho it can do enormous harm to someone else. There is a law against destroying property even tho it can be easily replaced. The law is not interested injustice or even balance of harm, but really only property, and is typically very parochial, male-dominant, and property focused.

          Worshipping the law as if it is somehow a means of justice is to me a sign of a very shallow person.

      3. Clearly you think it is perfectly okay to cheat on your girlfriend.

        Really? So I guess calling him a jerk, moron and fool is my supporting his right to cheat.

        I think I have a right to my opinion, just as you do.

        The law is pretty clear on such destruction of other people’s property.

        Obviously cheating is very bad, and as others have said infantile and lame. I think I conveyed that sentiment

        Would you feel he had it coming if she had run him down with his car?

        1. “The law is pretty clear on such destruction of other people’s property.

          Obviously cheating is very bad, and as others have said infantile and lame. I think I conveyed that sentiment

          Would you feel he had it coming if she had run him down with his car?”

          I feel that you reap what you sow, to a larger extent. I would not feel bad for the destruction of his property, but I would draw the line at personally assaulting him with a deadly weapon, removing limbs, or causing permanent disfigurement.

          I feel if you cheat on your girlfriend and hurt her and she finds out, you better guard your property, or don’t cry about it. Better yet, don’t cheat.

          1. “I feel that you reap what you sow, to a larger extent”.

            I think we can agree on this point. bad behavior over time seems to always came back to haunt you.

            I never really thought you would support physical violence, just making a point.

            Overall I feel she sacrificed some of her personal integrity for this idiot. Kind of came down to his level.

            Never understood this kind of behavior, want to play, fine don’t get involved. find someone you’d rather, fine break up and pursue.

            Seems it shows a lack of maturity and selfish and perhaps narcissistic behavior.

        1. My girlfriend cheated on her boyfriend after she met me, three years later in 1991 we were married. Cheating is neither illegal nor immoral before long-term commitments are made. Depending where you live, even cheating isn’t even illegal then, though it is immoral.

          The guy was 100% in the right cheating on her since she was obviously a crazy bitch. Would you want to pass the crazy gene to your offspring? A chick that crazy shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

    3. No problem for her.

      “I put his things in the tub beacause I was doing some cleaning, reorganizing. Later, I decided to take a bath and forgot they were in the tub when I reached around the curtain to turn the water on”

        1. Hmmm. Do a DNA swab on every person to find anyone with a genetic relationship to her. Remove ovaries or CASTRATE those people. You don’t mind being a soprano do you mpias3785?

          1. Once we have the technology to detect and repair the genetic sequences responsible for a propensity to be bat shit crazy, it should be considered. A predilection for exacting revenge by committing criminal acts is not something we want in our DNA.

    4. That guy is the luckiest guy on the planet. He has every Apple device known to man. He’s getting it from at least two different girls and now he has evidence to get all his Apple devices replaced.

      New haptic trackpad here we come!

    1. “If you catch someone cheating on you, the appropriate action is to leave them. ”

      Great advice. lol.
      When the guy cheats which mean he knows where the relationship ends up to. The lady needs to lick her wounds and throwing herself out to the market again.

    2. The laws are unjust, plenty of things are “punishable by law”.

      Slaves escaping was once “punishable by law”.

      I agree she should leave him also, but I do not feel she did anything wrong.

        1. Plenty of chauvinistic pigs who think it is perfectly acceptable to cheat on your girlfriend and you should face no consequences for it voting down my comments. The rating system is for cowards, post a comment if you disagree.

          1. Both are not acceptable.. Only one at this time is illegal.. Instead of complaining call your reps and work with them and others of he same mind to create the bills for the laws you feel should be made. That’s how things in the eye of the law become legal or illegal.

            1. How can you say both are unacceptable? One is the criminal destruction of property, the other is an accepted way of finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. They weren’t married, they were merely dating. If they were married this would be an entirely different discussion. They were only dating and her reaction clearly demonstrated that she was nuts and was a prime candidate to be cheated upon. She had every right to be pissed but no right at all to damage his possessions.

              If you think that there should be laws against cheating while dating, you’re even crazier than she is.

            2. I’m sorry, I thought you had to be going steady (still dating, but agreed to be exclusive) to be able to ‘cheat’.. I would not consider dating others if you’re only ‘dating’ cheating in any sense.. So you are saying then that dating others when you both agreed to be exclusive IS ok. I say break up before dating others if you are in a steady relationship.

          2. What’s chauvinistic about cheating? Dating is like shopping, you pick up something defective you put it back and replace it with something better. This girlfriend was obviously defective. Crazy might be fun in bed, but would you want to live with that for the rest of your life?

            He lucked out. She committed a crime, documented it, and now he gets all new stuff and a better girlfriend.

    1. Indeed, only in Japan can a 27-inch iMac be completely submerged in a home bathtub. And revenge so well-orchestrated that the iMac is removed and replaced with a SECOND scene of destruction, where the laptops are carefully segregated (under water) from his other gadgets.

  2. Can anyone identify all the products in the tub?
    Then we could put a minimum and maximum value on the destruction.

    I’m not in favor of destruction but I’m with the girlfriend on this one…..

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