The Zen of Apple Pay

“New info from Changewave confirms Apple Pay as top choice among US consumers, though some concerns remain — security and availability lead these,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Apple has given credibility to the whole mobile payments sector. Changewave found 45% of consumers plan to use Apple Pay, up five points since December.”

“Smartphone owners using iOS (34%) more than twice as likely to use mobile payment apps compared to Android (16%), BlackBerry (13%) or Windows Phone (5%) users. Interest in using PayPal declined from 32 percent to 28 percent,” Evans writes. “A Boston Retail Partners survey shows 40 percent of all large retailers plan to support Apple Pay this year.”

‘That kind of interest stands starkly against some analysts who have predicted Apple Watch will do little to boost Apple Pay adoption,” Evans writes. “They’re wrong.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote of Apple Watch back in December:

Apple Pay alone will sell the device.


  1. I just used it 5 min ago to pick up 2 AppleTV’s. I find myself annoyed going places that I can’t use it, or on websites that have yet to incorporate it. My only hope is that banks realize it’s more secure than their current methods of protecting customers (disclosure I work for a bank with the group that handles this area) and that the process doesn’t end up convoluted and hinders customers from using it.

    1. What’s needed more than more banks is more accepting retailers — both brick and mortar and online. This will happen automatically though by October 15 of this year with the “mandated” rollout of more EMV enabled terminals which include Bluetooth.

      1. That’s right…and more staff at those retailers who have even heard of Apple Pay or know how to use it. I believe there are now just 115 of the 300 million of us who have heard about AP. A great mystery to most.

  2. The fun part about doing it with our Apple Watches is that we’ll be able to wave our hand above the payment terminal and in an Obi-Wan voice say, “I have paid for this transaction”.

  3. My biggest problem is that so few places support ApplePay. I would use it all the time, if it was supported. Much faster than pulling my credit card and swiping (or the multiple swipes it takes to read it sometimes).

    I have only been able to use in three places in several months: McDonald’s, Macy’s, and Panera. Even in these places the cashiers were not aware it worked there. Others, like Home Depot register claimed it supported, but then the transaction failed and had to do a manual swipe.

    1. I’ve used Apple Pay many times at Home Depot in Lacey, WA (however they require a PIN with it as well, possibly because my card is a debit). I don’t believe HD is officially onboard with Apple Pay, however. It’s just not “disabled” like at nasty CVS and Rite Aid.

  4. I always use ApplePay at Subway, Walgreens and Panera Bread.

    Stores that don’t support it, like CVS and other sandwich shops, have lost a lot of my business this year because of it.

  5. You can use ApplePay in the AppleStore app on your iPhone to buy your Watch just a fraction of a second faster. Both my Milanese 38mm and 42mm are now coming tomorrow!

  6. I am bothered that every recent article on Apple Pay includes a statement along the lines of “some concerns remain — security and availability lead these.”

    Apple needs to get on top of the media regurgitation of the “security concern” theme. The security issue occurred at the banks – once again a flaw in the overall credit card system. As far as I am aware, Apple Pay is quite secure and has not been “hacked” to date.

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