Yahoo or Microsoft can terminate search deal anytime on or after October 1st

“Yahoo and Microsoft’s 10-year search pact could end well before the decade is out,” Douglas MacMillan reports for Dow Jones Business News.

“The two companies have amended the terms of their partnership to let either party terminate the deal at any point in time on or after Oct. 1, according to a filing Yahoo made on Monday,” MacMillan reports. “Having an opt-out clause gives Yahoo more freedom to control its own destiny in the business of Web search. In a break from her predecessors, Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer has invested in building new search technologies and negotiated to control up to 49% of searches done on desktops under the new terms of the Microsoft pact.”

“The companies announced some of the terms of the revised pact last week, emphasizing Yahoo’s new abilities to control how search results are presented on both desktop computers and mobile devices and Microsoft’s new responsibilities to sell ads on its Bing search site,” MacMillan reports. “They didn’t discuss changes to the termination clause.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, on October 1st, when Mayer terminates the deal (or uses this new leverage to Yahoo’s significant benefit), we’ll revisit.

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  1. I’m guessing Marisa negotiated this amendment because she found out that Apple will finally release on October 1st.

    THAT will be the day Apple truly goes thermonuclear in Google!!!

    One can only hope, anyway…

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