Apple Watch to obliterate smartwatch sales record in first week

“It’s Apple Watch week and while the usual iHysteria queues won’t materialise outside stores due to the pre-order and appointment system the Cupertino giant has set up for its tech timepiece, smartwatch excitement is certainly at an all-time high,” Paul Lamkin reports for Forbes. “And, if analyst forecasts are to be believed, the Apple Watch is easily set to be the biggest selling smartwatch of all time – even going by the most modest guestimates.”

“Slice Intelligence estimated 957,000 people in the US pre-ordered the Apple Watch when the online sales portal opened up on 10 April,” Lamkin reports. “However, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated the roughly 1 million pre-order forecast is on the low side, and has forecast worldwide shipments of 2.3 million devices by the end of May, based on the current delivery times.”

“With the Pebble considered a smartwatch success story after around 1 million sales, and Android Wear causing only a minor blip with its estimated 1 – 1.5 million device sales across its multi-branded range in the platform’s first year of existence,” Lamkin reports, “the Apple Watch could be the benchmark-raising saviour of a slow-burning new tech genre.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Change “could be” to “is” in the last sentence.


  1. I’m checking my credit card every couple of hours hoping to see Apple has drawn the funds for my WATCH … which would mean I’d see a shipping notification shortly afterwards.

    WATCH ordered at 3:02am, confirmation came in at 3:30am and I got that initial “4/24 – 5/8” delivery window … here’s hoping it’s 4/24!!

    1. Now you made me check my credit card! I ordered just after 3am ET, and my email confirm came at 3:03am ET. So, I’m also hoping for 4/24. Someone’s got to be first!

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