Thousands of Apple Watch apps set to launch on April 24th

“Along with a new smartwatch, Apple is introducing ‘thousands’ of new apps, with most set to launch on April 24, when the new i-timepiece officially goes on sale,” Jefferson Graham reports for USA Today. “”

“Apps have been reimagined for the Watch, offering limited information on a small screen. In many cases, they push the user back to the iPhone app to continue,” Graham reports. “In other cases, they offer a new take on the app experience.”

“Target’s app shows you how to find your favorite products in store. Dictate what you’re looking for by talking to your wrist, and the app will get you there,” Graham reports. “To get the apps, first you’ll have to upgrade your phone to the latest iOS software, version 8.3, to find the tab to the new Watch store. The store is expected to go live by April 24.”

Full article, with video, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Great, now all most people need is an Apple Watch that’s backordered to June or later.

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  1. Apple has stated they’ll have over 1000 third party Watch apps on April 24th. Inflating that number seems a bit silly to me and too typical of our current era. I’ll stick to reading responsible tech journalism, thank you.

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