Apple buying 36,000 acres of private forestland to be sustainably harvested and used in Apple packaging

“Apple is partnering with an environmental nonprofit to purchase roughly 36,000 acres of private forestland, which will be sustainably harvested and used in Apple’s packaging,” Ellen Cushing reports for BuzzFeed.

“The land — two tracts in Maine and North Carolina that, combined, are roughly two and a half times the size of Manhattan — will be managed by The Conservation Fund,” Cushing reports. “This land is part of an estimated 45 million acres of private forest in the U.S. that are in danger of being lost to development.”

“‘Apple wanted to work with an organization that had the ability to acquire and manage these forests, and we’re thrilled about this partnership,’ Larry Selzer, The Conservation Fund’s president, told BuzzFeed News. ‘Apple is doing something unprecedented here,'” Cushing reports. “Though Apple will harvest pulp from these forests, other companies will also be able to buy fiber from them as well. Selzer’s organization will manage the forests under the ‘working forest’ model, in which trees are harvested with what Daniel Brindis, a senior Forests Campaigner with Greenpeace, described to BuzzFeed News as ‘an eye toward the long-term economic well-being of the forest.’ Brindis said that, generally speaking, working forests are ‘an improvement over clear-cutting — but that doesn’t mean they’re a panacea.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Smart investment.


  1. One step at a time and a long term vision. I just love the detail that Apple is paying attention to, moving well beyond the box.

    These are indeed the ideas and ideals that other companies and organizations need to copy.

      1. And you should have beaten me at that snap. Say if you want to watch a nice fireworks display check out the heading of “EU to slam Google with major antitrust charges” Tuesday, April 14, 2015 · 4:18 pm. if you haven’t all ready.

        If you are interested I also found a nice article in the Washington post I was hoping MDN would post up. The headline is “In E.U. antitrust suit, Google is up against ‘a tough cookie’” and goes on to talk about Margrethe Vestager who will be running the suit, and she doesn’t look like she’s in the same league as Cote, Koh or any other maxipad product.

        Have a great weekend, might catch you then.

          1. Oh yeah, reminds me of those early chat and forum sites when the net was young and anarchistic. People would write the wildest stuff. Looks like it’s going to be a great weekend. Have fun.

  2. I like what Apple is doing. As enthusiast, we should tout this to our friends and family. Buy Apple Stuff! Not just because of this reason ( which is pretty damm good ), but also because the stuff Apple makes is just freaking awesome. Beautiful to look and use too. 😀

  3. Apple helps me to reduce my footprint: Thanks to my mac and eDelivery of documents (and PaperKarma app) I have finally been able to reduce my paper hugely. I will continue until paper consumption is near zero. Please let’s continue environmental progress. But how is Apple’s purchase of land really going to create progress? Are they going to cut trees for pulp in Maine and then ship the cardboard to China? Is that ecological? Or even logical? Local sourcing is usually good. This looks like the opposite of local sourcing. Please tell me that Apple is not just doing green window dressing. But Ms Jackson is from DC where appearances count and actual facts are secondary. Please, Ms. Jackson, explain to us why this is good for the environment.

  4. The not-for-profit benefits from the exemption from property taxes, mostly taking tax money away from schools (because school tax is the biggest part of property tax). Probably a lot of the benefit to Apple is in the form of income tax deductions, not the sourcing of “green fiber”. I like to think that this “deal” is good for the land and the ecology, but most forests are managed as “working forests”, so why is this “working forest” better than the old “working forest”. So I am not sure that I believe the rhetoric that this not-for-profit is selling.

  5. Apple is doing something unprecedented here

    Indeed! I’m all goosebumps thinking of Apple having such incredible foresight amidst our current biznizz bozoid era of irresponsibility. This is how real modern business has to be done and Apple nailed it!

    Now if only the biznizz bozos would watch, learn and in this case COPY APPLE.

  6. It’s like Apple is building their own natural echo system. Their own planet Earth, from ground to your recycle bin. The whole kit, belongs to Apple. I would like to apply for Apple citizenship. No branding though, I don’t take marks. /s

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