‘HBO Now’ is now available to Apple device users; 30-day free trial offered

“Time Warner Inc.’s Home Box Office unit said Tuesday that its stand-alone streaming service HBO Now is available to users of Apple Inc. products,” Lisa Beilfuss reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“About 2,000 titles are available through the service for $14.99 a month. The company is offering a 30-day free trial to customers who sign up in April,” Beilfuss reports. “The launch comes in time for the premiere of the fifth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ on Sunday.”

Beilfuss reports, “Apple users can view HBO Now via an app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or on Apple TV using iTunes.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this is merely the beginning of the dam cracking away.

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    1. you don’t want it. though it looks like a deal, it will end costing americans more than they pay already. see apple really needs to compete by provide internet access. what will happen here is internet pricing will go up. of course this will be done under the guise of faster service, so figure $70 for internet service, now add, hbo go, hulu, apple’s whatever, amazon’s prime, espn’s, etc. and regular tv, they will want something. nobody watches that much tv, there’s not enough hours in the day. 8 hours sleep. 10 hours work. an hour to go and come back. got kids? want to eat do you? how about date? 24 – 18 = 6 – 2 (for kid’s stuff)or(dating) 🙂 4 hours. so for 4 hours you will pay 100.00+ and some of these guys want to serve up commercials too…

      well, this is not what. i want $15 for gigabit service, 0.25 cents per channel no commercials or free with commercials. hey, the commercials have already paid for the content, they should pay me to watch it.

      this leads us to the final model, you’re back to the beginning of the circle, you buy the shows you want and watch them whenever. no packages and no commercials, no channels. yes, apple offers that already, but not at a nickel a show. 26 shows * 0.05 = $1.30, i’m willing to do 1.50 for 26 shows (that’s a season, well it use to be)

  1. > on Apple TV using iTunes

    What does that mean? There is no “iTunes” on Apple TV. HBO Now is just a “button” on the main screen, like all the other content choices.

    1. It is a poorly worded sentence. Perhaps he means the App can be loaded onto your iP____ through iTunes to then sync to your device. That’s my best guess, at least.

      (Then there’s always the “I just showed you how ignorant I really am” possibility with any “journalist” these days.”

    1. I followed the link in the email I just got on my iPad to the iTunes store. Get’ted the app, selected Open from the same download window (where the Get button was), it opened then had to create an HBO account. Name, email, password and zip code. I think the idea here is that you can log into this account from a web page and keep on watchin’. It never asked me for payment info, but a little dialog popped up where I had to conform that ‘this was a 30-day free trial, and after that it would be billed to my iTunes account’. Seems to work well.

    2. Their system must be totally overloaded. I tried to register 5 times on my iPhone. Each time it said ERROR, so after several tries, I tried a different email, zip code, etc. ERROR each time

      Went to my email and it had welcome… changed data,,, welcome….changed data… over and over. How can I be welcome if my registration DID NOT WORK.!!!

      Tried resetting password, got will email new password to you… nothing has every arrived.

      So sent in email to support center. NO phone numbers are shown. Typical HBO BS I guess.

  2. Interesting. If you have the Dish Network or Direct TV it looks like it’s cheaper to drop HBO from your service and get HBO Now.

    This won’t open the cord-cutting floodgates(uh, probably) but it’ll help. The era of la carte channels can’t come soon enough.

    1. To make it even cheaper… Use an Apple TV to subscribe, with your iTunes Store account (Apple ID) for making payment. Normally, the cost is charged to the Apple ID’s linked credit card. But look for deals on iTunes Store electronic gift cards, like this one (which is expired)


      A few times a year (particularly during the holiday shopping season), I can find the such deals, going as low as a $100 iTunes gift card for $75 (25% discount). I buy one and load into my iTunes Store account. This is good for songs, apps, ebooks, videos… including things I buy on my Apple TV, such as movie rentals. I assume an HBO Now subscription also uses available store credit first, which makes $15 per month into a $11.25 actual cost (at 25% discount on iTunes gift card).

      (I use website dealmac.com to get notifications about iTunes Store gift card deals.)

  3. I wonder if it works any better than HBO Go . Seems like every time I don’t use it for a while, I have to go through the activation process again, which involves going to Comcast’s web site, and is a real PITA (same on Apple TV and iPad). I have a feeling a lot of people would just give up.

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