Strong Apple iPhone 6/Plus sales drive iOS market share to all-time high in China

“Apple’s iOS has grabbed an all-time high market share in urban China, according to recent data,” Jason Hahn reports for Digital Trends.

“The hot demand for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus drove Apple’s climbing market share and gave it the push it needed to usurp Beijing-based Xiaomi to be the top smartphone maker in the country,” Hahn reports. “For the three months ending in February, Apple’s iOS claimed 27.6 percent of the smartphone market in urban China, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech sales data.”

Hahn reports, “That’s an all-time high and a marked jump from its 17.9 percent share in the same period last year.”

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  1. It took the 6S/6S Plus to take 10% marketshare from Android leaving Android with still over 70% for just Q1 sales.. How long will it take iOS to actually get a significant usage share in China? I applaud their great sales rate and the spin the article gives to make it seem more significant.. Still got a ways to go though.

    1. Though, of course, Apple is now making only 80% of cell phone profits in the Chinese market. So, “way to go”, still another 20%. Such failure is hard to comprehend /s

      Cheers for the laugh

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