GlobalFoundries to make next-gen Apple chips in Malta, New York

“Apple has awarded the contract for its next-generation A9 chips to Samsung Corp., which will share the work with GlobalFoundries, according to Bloomberg News,” Eric Anderson reports for The Times Union.GlobalFoundries will make the chips at its Malta plant, which has been preparing for the work since late 2013, the Times Union reported previously.”

“Analysts speculated that the newest chips would go into the iPhone 6s, an update from the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which use the A8 chips produced by Samsung rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.,” Anderson reports. “GlobalFoundries has been working for at least the past two years to land business from Apple. U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said in 2013 that he was approached by GlobalFoundries’ CEO, Ajit Manocha, to help the company form a ‘“stronger relationship’ with Apple, the Times Union reported that November.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Thanks for posting the link, Patently Apple is believable. If the “S” version of the iPhone goes into production in June or July I would tend to believe some company may already be manufacturing the chips.

  1. Is there any news on who Apple is going to partner with to fix the IMAP email fail? Broken for two years now despite promises by Cook and Federighi to fix it.

    Maybe they should ask Senator Schummer.

    1. so strange you should mention that. i’ve had trouble since december. i thought it was me. the only way i can set up a pop account is to enter an incorrect password, then it lets me set up a pop. i’m not really too tech savvy. i can get outgoing but no incoming so now, i only use webmail. i wish i was smart.

  2. well, they are going to make chips in malta. this is appropriate because potato chips, according to most accounts, were invented in saratoga, not all that far from malta.

  3. The Source Link, for those who’d like to read the original story:

    Why Samsung/GlobalFoundries apparently got the contract:

    The Samsung-GlobalFoundries partnership was expected to win the contract from Apple because it was able to offer Apple a 14-nanometer architecture versus the 20-nanometer architecture used by TSMC. The smaller 14-nanometer architecture makes for faster, more energy efficient chips.

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