Apple to offer in-store launch day pickup option for Apple Watch preorders

“After announcing online Apple Watch preorders would commence on April 10, Apple on Friday said it will allow buyers to pick up their reserved device at brick-and-mortar locations on April 24, launch day,” AppleInsider reports.

“In an updated Online Apple Store section, Apple says customers will be able to pick up their Apple Watch orders in store as an alternative to home delivery,” AppleInsider reports. “AppleInsider has confirmed the service applies to preorders and will be available on launch day.”

“Apple Watch goes up for preorder on April 10 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific,” AppleInsider reminds. “The anticipated device will hit store shelves two weeks later on April 24.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Goog to know. Pre-ordering ASAP on April 10th is the best chance, perhaps the only chance, to secure an Apple Watch on launch day. Good luck, everyone!


  1. UPS usually delivers routinely at 6PM on the weekdays at my house. I decided to opt for home delivery of my iPhone and I left work early and got home at 5, only to find a sticker on my door that they tried to deliver 15 minutes early. Luckily UPS set up a special pickup at their depot. There were a lot of anxious customers waiting outside waiting for the truck to get back so they could get their phone. Took me an hour including driving so in the end it was not a massive problem.
    In store pickup might be fun especially to see all the hoopla.

    1. I caught that, too. It’s a known symptom of GotBS (Google on the Brain Syndrome), caused by too much Google-ing in the past.

      MDN: The recommended course of action to cure GotBS is daily use of DuckDuckGo!

  2. The advantage of going to the store to pick it up is that a trained Apple employee can take a few minutes and go over how to do cool key stuff on the watch.
    They do it on iPhones and for most people it is time well spent.

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