Apple releases ‘guided tours’ for Apple Watch (with video)

On their website and YouTube channel, four Apple Watch “guided tour” videos that feature the unique technologies and interactions that make using Apple Watch a new, more personal experience.

Apple Watch Guided Tours
• Welcome
• Messages
• Faces
• Digital Touch


  1. Perhaps this will answer alot of questions before people line up for the touchy-feely session at the Apple Store. Others will simply watch this tour video and order accordingly at 12:01 am Cuppertino time.

    The ONLY question is how many watches can each Apple ID registrant order during the pre-order period???

    1. I’m laughing at the ding-downs your very astute comment has received. It’s like a band of rabid clowns has infiltrated MDN and all we can do is LAUGH and LAUGH at their stupid antics.

      Are they Chinese clowns?
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  2. After watching these videos, I’m still sitting on the fence about the Apple Watch. It has some utility, no doubt. But it also seems overly complex with the crown, forcetouch, and the friends button. The Watch overall seems like a gimmick and unnecessary. That screen is so small it’s extremely limiting. It looks frustrating to use. And the one day battery life is not good. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. You are wrong. Overly complex are you serious? is that the best you can do? Extremely limiting screen? what do you want to do type a doctor’s thesis on it? One day battery? Why is charging it daily such a big deal when thats what people do with so many other devices? Not to mention 18 hours of battery life is the most of on any current Apple design despite being the smallest.

      1. ban6dit:

        You want to know why battery life is an issue? Here’s why: BECAUSE THE APPLE WATCH CAN’T BE USED WHEN PLUGGED IN. REPEAT: THE APPLE WATCH CAN’T BE USED WHEN PLUGGED IN.

        Unlike things like iPads, Apple laptops, or even iPhones, the Apple Watch is not a device that would be used when plugged in. It’s meant to be on your wrist and used. What this means is, when the battery is dead, it’s dead. No plugging it in and continuing on like with a laptop or even an iPhone (e.g., iPhone plugged into a car power plug).

        This means that because of the poor battery life, it demands to be taken off your wrist and charged at night with daily use.

        Here are a couple of major issues that arise with real world use cases:

        -You can’t track your sleep with the Apple Watch because you need to have it off of your wrist charging at night. This is a very good health metric and one where the fitbit excels at.
        -Imagine going on an expedition in the mountains for 5 days. You’re going to have a watch that is going to die someway through. It doesn’t have enough juice to get you through this. But an analog watch, or a Casio digital watch, or a perpetual watch will last years with no charge. When it comes to sport applications like this and survival in some cases, the Apple Watch is a dead duck.

        There’s lots of reasons why 1 day battery life sucks on a watch. It’s self-evident. My prediction is that this alone is going to cause major issues for Apple when it comes to getting these rigs adopted by the masses. I can see the reviews now: “Great Device, but Hamstrung by Battery Life. Wait Until the Next Version”.

        When it comes to inputs, I standby what I said. I’m in software development and an Apple guy. I’ve been around a while. What Apple is offering here is not immediately intuitive. We’ve all been exposed to the Apple Watch for sometime now and it’s still not totally clicking. I’m reading lots of people online who have the same opinion as me. There’s some nice aspects to what they’ve done, no doubt. But overall, it’s flawed.

        With the first iPhone and iOS 1, I didn’t really read anyone saying the thing was too complicated or the operating was byzantine. Quite the opposite: it was icewater in hell relative to the cell phones out at the time.

        The problem with the Apple Watch is that it’s so small and they crammed 4 input methods onto it. Your iPhone doesn’t have forcetouch. Or a crown. Or a friend’s button. It basically has 1 input method: multi-touch. Yes, of course Siri, but Apple has glued on all these other inputs on the Watch and it’s clunky.

        I think forcetouch has merits, and as much of a rationale as we can provide for the crown, I would have stayed away from that and the friends button. They could have solved the friends button with software and left it off. Maybe two force touches calls up the friends screen. Also, perhaps having a touch sensitive side to the Watch where you could scroll with your finger might have been better than the crown. Etc. etc.

        And by the way, Apple copied Blackberry with forcetouch. Here it is:

  3. 1) The steel watch in Messages is GORGEOUS. omg

    2) watching these on Apple’s website they were all pixelated. Had to go to YouTube to get hd. wtf

    3) my favorite thing about the UI so far are the animations. GORGEOUS! ftw

    1. Yeah, it sure is good looking. I also like the 38mm stainless with the black modern buckle in the digital touch vid. I love it, but just can’t pull the trigger on that one. It’s going to be the 38 space gray for me. Can’t hardly wait!

      Go Apple!

    1. trolly you little turd, I dropped you off at the white porcelain ‘pool’ when you were born but forgot to flush. Now we are stuck with you.

  4. I am holding out for the second generation. This strategy has served me well on the iPad, the iPod and my Mac Pro.
    The frist iPad was not as compatible as far as upgrading iOS as the iPad 2. Same thing with the Mac Pro 2007, witch became obsolete by not being able to run true 64bit applications or OS X after Lion. I fear something similar will happen with the 1st generation Apple Watch. Nope, I will get the second generation. Just like I am holding out for the second generation New Mac Pro.

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