Apple sold $2 billion worth of iPhones into Samsung’s user base in holiday 2014 quarter

“Apple Inc. happily reported that it sold 74.5 million iPhones during the fourth quarter, but there’s one stat the company never talks about: how many iPhones were sold to former Android customers,” Louis Bedigian reports for Benzinga.

“Apple may not have that number, but market research firm Phoenix Marketing International has an estimate,” Bedigian reports. “‘Samsung was selling a lot of large-screen phones into the Apple user base,’ Leon Majors, senior vice president at Phoenix, told Benzinga. ‘Apple has reversed that and sold, in my estimation, $2 billion worth of large screen phones into Samsung’s user base.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath. 🙂

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  1. Every little percentage Apple gains from Samsung’s losses is a victory. Even though those percentages are small, they represent the higher end of smartphone users leaving Android with the lower-end users which means an even greater percent of profits for Apple. A couple of million more users gives Apple a wider base for iOS services to keep returning money long-term. Apple just needs to keep chipping away.

    1. Well it appears that the Android fanboys have checked in to vote down another pro-Apple post.

      Magnificent, you are absolutely correct in your observation.

  2. Phoenix had this to say about Apple Pay, “But the battle is about the smartphone world.” Nothing could be truer.

    Touch Directly, Apple is going to make next to nothing from Touch IZD, Apple Pay, HealthKit, Researchkit, Homekit, etc. Apple revenue will benefit from the increased sakes of iPhones those features will drive. And that’s the point. iPhone is the platform onto which increased functionality will adhere.

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