IT Pro reviews Apple’s updated 13-inch MacBook Pro: ‘Genuinely impressive’

“The super-slim revamp of Apple’s aging MacBook laptop may have grabbed all the headlines recently, but this latest update of the MacBook Pro may well have more appeal for business users

“The new model also looks virtually identical to its predecessors. But, under the bonnet, the new 13in MacBook Pro has been given a fairly major overhaul with the introduction of a 5th generation Broadwell processor and Apple’s new Force Touch trackpad,” Joseph writes. “Apple quotes a battery life of up to 10 hours for wireless web browsing, and 12 hours for video playback with iTunes. In fact, when running our Iron Man video test with Wi-Fi turned off and brightness set at 75 per cent, the MacBook Pro actually lasted a couple of minutes over the 12-hour mark. That’s a full 3.5 hours longer than last year’s model, so what Broadwell lacks in raw performance it more than makes up for in battery life.”

Joseph writes, “Its performance won’t break any records, but the improved battery life provided by Intel’s new Broadwell processor is genuinely impressive.”

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  1. I don’t have to travel that much, so thinness, lightness, battery life are not essential attributes for me. I like the laptop because it allows me to escape the desk and office for more comfortable, and relaxed work at home. Maybe doing some 3D modeling while watching a movie, or website building out on the patio on a warm day. I almost alway keep my laptop plugged in. For this reason, I’d like the MacBook pro to maintain a model that keeps top of the line CPUs/GPUs and at least 16 GB of RAM, and at least a 15″ screen. Desktop power in a portable device.

  2. I love the 13inch retina MacBook Pro. It will definitely be my next laptop. I’m just hoping that when I buy one Apple has a quad core option. I’m on a late 2013 15inch MacBook Pro, and I definitely do enough to justify the quad core i7 and my 16GB of RAM.

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