Countdown to major update for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X

“There is a lot more FCPX buzz and FCPX-centric activity at and around NAB this year than there has been in recent years,” Richard Taylor writes for FCPX.TV.

“All signs point to a major update to Final Cut Pro X,” Taylor writes. “2014 saw improvements for FCPX that benefited a small but important minority of high end users. 2015 should check off the many long standing requests that the majority of FCP working editors have been requesting for years. Millions of working editors from around the globe. Fulfilling their feature requests will also benefit high end shops.”

Taylor writes, “I suspect that the FCPX team is working on something major for 2015 and that is why we didn’t see the kind of feature updates last year as we did in the prior two years.”

Much more, including a list of all of the many new features and upgrades Taylor expects in the next version of Final Cut Pro X, in the full article here.

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    1. They already did a major upgrade to 10.1 and did not charge for it. This was one of the big changes that no one noticed at first. Instead of selling physical copies they sold only through the App Store. They eliminated the need to change for an upgrade to cover the cost of the DVDs. Selling online also stopped a lot of piracy. Adobe did this by making a subscription service. If you don’t pony up every year you lose your ability to use it. This is a big advantage of FCPX that no one talks about.

      1. “Selling online also stopped a lot of piracy.”

        I don’t think that’s true for Final Cut or Adobe’s subscription products. Both seem just as readily available and active on the pirate sites as they were before.

        I think for some the lowering of the price for Final Cut convinced them not to pirate as did being able to subscribe for a short period or a temporary project did for Adobe, but for those who want to pirate either, they’re both just as readily available in pirate form.

  1. This is a sad, sad article to read:

    “I suspect that the FCPX team is working on something major for 2015 and that is why we didn’t see the kind of feature updates last year as we did in the prior two years.”
    That’s because the FCPX team was gutted, just like the iWork team, the Aperture team and the Maps team.

    I hate to break it to you Richard, but the “millions of working editors from around the globe” have already moved on, mostly to Premiere.

    1. tons of editors have moved to premiere, but your not really telling the whole story. just last month a movie was released in theaters that was edited on FCPX, and that editing team was working directly with the fcpx team to get highly requested features to help them. and millions of fcpx sales are coming from a younger generation because it is the cheaper of the editing systems. you can say the fcpx team was gutted, but the program has seen an update on an average of 145 days for the past 3 to 4 years…which doesn’t really scream gutted. Most of all this backlash is still from the reveal of FCPX, and Apple has been trying to wash it’s hands of that ever since by giving pros the features they have been asking for. It’s taken longer than normal…but the editors are left with a much faster program and built for a true digital age/medium

    2. I don’t understand what you’re talking about. The maps team is the newest and had an uphill battle from the beginning. It was not helped by top management issues, however they have been making some quiet improvements. iWork has been completely remade. The ability to work on iOS devices, Mac devices, and online is great. conductivity is amazing. I love being able to pick up right where I left off on my iPad to my Mac. They may have sacrificed some features to create some incredible new ones. Aperture and iPhoto have been combined. I know people are trying to show that Apple has given up on the pros. However the entire camera market has changed this decade. Apple is creating an entire new way to organize photos to meet these changes. They have not even introduced their new product and people are already bitching.

      FCPX was an entire new way to look at and NLE. A new UI, workflow, distribution system, updating, and sales. This was a difficult change, but Apple saw the need to completely reinvent instead of updating and out of date system.The new Mac Pro was practically built for it. Apple has not abandoned their pro users. They did make it very difficult to change to the new system. Adobe took advantageand got people to believe they were being abandoned. Now Adobe is changing their model too. Personally I would rather own my software than lease it.

      1. Maps was half baked from the get go and is still missing key features. Want a list?
        iWork is a joke. Pages lacks even a freaking dictionary.
        Real pros – people that do it for a living – know what they need to do their jobs. Apple simply is not interested in listening.

        The few holdouts that remain are getting worried…
        “2014, was a bit of a slow year for any list of major Final Cut Pro feature updates compared to 2012 and 2013.”

        1. Pages lacks even a freaking dictionary.

          No, it doesn’t. I can right-click any word and look it up in the system-wide dictionary just like I can with text in any other app on my Mac.


          1. Way to miss the point. Pages lacks it’s own dictionary in that it cannot do something as basic as learn words so they do not get continually flagged as misspelled.
            Pages for iCloud is supposed to advertise Apple’s online presence but we’re coming up on 2 years, it’s STILL in beta and progress has ground to a halt.
            Nobody is impressed.
            So yeah, it’s exactly like FCPX. It gets to the table half baked but the Cook is already off working on another dish, leaving the diners eating bread sticks.
            Pun intended.

            1. Zed,
              That article you linked to is nearly a year old. Pages for iCloud is no longer Beta. How long was Google’s cloud offering in Beta–a lot longer!

            2. Pages for iCloud IS still in beta.
              This is Apple, not google.
              Topic is FC’P’. Since you know nothing about it you fixate on Pages.
              Since we’re there, recall please that Pages 5 users got a jolly rogering from Apple too…
              The parallel with FC’P’ is obvious:
              -Original app matures over time. (FCP7, Pages 5)
              -Apple loses interest and disperses team leaving two guys in a corner office.
              -App development slows to a crawl.
              -New (immature) team is formed, along with new brief.
              -Resultant app is released to fanfare, turns out to be a turkey.
              Two steps forward, three steps back.
              Welcome to Cook’s Apple.

  2. FCPX is an excellent NLE. Easier to use and learn than Premiere. Yes, there are things that Premiere does that FCPX doesn’t, but most people (including professionals) don’t actually need or use those features.

    1. The pros have been waiting patiently for real features to appear, and so far many have not. You still cannot work with
      tracks. That is the major problem most pros have. Apple Just addressed some of the codec issues, MXF in particular.

      The program may be getting there, but at this moment it is still for the Youtube generation, not the big screen.

      I’d also say that every kid I’ve asked who uses FCP X do so because it is what they bought, but the MOMENT they try Premiere, or any track bases system,, they leave FCP X.

      The magnetic timeline has a lot to be desired.

  3. Well, I was the last holdout in FCP in my LA tv company, but had to move to Adobe premiere just this afternoon.

    Our shoes can have 30 tracks of video and 50 tracks of audio, often different versions of edited material that may need to be grabbed and used rapidly for the never ending deadlines.
    In 1999 FCP shocked the industry with the notion that editing can be done freestyle, tossing clips around as desired until the idea takes shape and the final video is tightened up. But FCP X returned to a draconian very limited timeline that does not easily allow you do do what you want. What a strange turn of events.

    We used to have the wonderful soundtrack pro for high end audio mixing. And now? Nothing. Tell me at a glance which audio clip has the wrong role in an hour tv show timeline with a thousand clips. Impossible, and yet critical. With tracks, the roles are where you throw the clips. Some tracks are dialog, some are music, some are effects, and you can tell what is where within seconds.

    One FCPX feature film is cute, with a lot of time and a staff of a hundred to make it work. We put out 30 episodes at a time with four people working on it, and no one will do that with FCPX.

    Premiere is final cut 8, with no rendering and gpu acceleration that uses the new Mac Pro to its limit. It sucks to use, both there’s no choice in the professional world other than avid. It used to be a lot of FCP.

    They threw the baby out with the bath water with FCPX. Randy Ublio, Tim Cook and Brian Meaney should be ashamed of themselves for taking the lead they had and dumping it in the trash.

    Do a search in staffmeup for editing jobs. You will not be employed with FCPX.

    I should make a video of that magnetic timeline moving all around except for where I need it to go. Actually, I need it to stop moving completely. I want to put a clip somewhere. Why can’t I anymore? I detached the audio, now I can’t tell it its out of sync, and I could lose my job if it is.

    I can’t even do an audio cross dissolve anymore with X, and I need to do that a hundred times an hour.

    Sigh, bad times for FCP workers.

    1. Well at least you complain with valid complaints! Although some of your complaints can be dealt with workarounds, its still just a workaround and not increased functionality. my only problem with the comments on here is that they are saying Apple isn’t staffing the FCPX team, which is just simply not true. No one ever shows proof that they don’t have it staffed…they just say it….which doesn’t seem consistent with how often FCPX is updated. And there will only be more proof that it is being staffed when the next update comes out, which is said to be very soon, if not at NAB.

      1. Updates are “said to be soon..”?
        Apple rarely if ever releases info on updates, so what on earth gives you the idea that they have something magical in the works in time for NAB.?.?
        I waited 3 ****ing years for Aperture 4, clinging to the hope that Apple would deliver a killer update to allow me to dump the soul-sucking hideous mess that is Lightroom once and for all.
        It never came.

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