All the ways a new Apple TV could dominate your living room

“The first hint that Cupertino finally is getting serious about supercharging Apple TV came at the recent Apple Watch event, when it slashed the price of the current hardware to an everything-must-go price of $69,” Tim Moynihan writes for Wired. “More telling, Apple’s website lists the price as ‘starting at $69,’ suggesting there’s a step-up model coming.”

“There’s been all sorts of confirmation—anonymous, of course—that an upgrade is coming. There’s supposedly a live-TV streaming service with around 25 channels ready for fall,” Moynihan writes. “t’ll reportedly cost more than Sling TV’s basic service but much less than Sony’s basic PlayStation Vue package, which has twice as many channels. Meanwhile, new Apple TV hardware could be announced as early as June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference.”

“Based on all these reports and some of Apple’s own actions, it’s safe to say we’re looking at something more than a spec bump,” Moynihan writes. “Beyond the streaming and mirroring that Apple TV already excels at, there are five new opportunities that could set it apart from an increasingly crowded field.”

All the ways a new Apple TV could dominate your living room:
• A Cable Alternative That Works
• Apps for Your TV
• Games, Games, Games
• Whole-Home Control
• Seamless Ecosystem Interaction

Much more, including discussion of the bullet points above, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV SDK in June and the new “Apple TV” release in the fall? Or would Apple release the hardware to the public and the SDK to the developers and let the Apple TV apps accumulate over the summer?

We’d guess the former. Apple would let the anticipation build, plus, with Apple Watch and Apple Watch apps, we’ll have plenty with which to keep ourselves occupied over the summer. A new Apple TV would be perfect for holiday 2015 shopping season.

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  1. The HBO deal probably got the whole ball rolling. Finally they got a content provider to agree to sell their network outside of the distributors.
    Lets see where this goes. Hopefully a new ATV box with new capabilities. Apps make a lot of sense because it widens the utility of the product.

  2. Oh boy, the ‘Young Hollywood’ channel announced to be on Apple TV. I am so excited. Now maybe Cook and Federighi can devote their scarce resources to a fix for the two-year IMAP email fail.

  3. Please find a way to solve the “buffering” problem so I can channel-surf like an ADD maniac… That’s the one thing that bugs me about all this digital stuff… watching the pinwheel and waiting for that first “key frame”. That would be a game changer if you can solve that one !!!

    Either way, I’m buying at least two…

    1. Why would you have to channel surf? You will be able to stream what ever you want when you want it. The ‘channel’ concept is dead and you will have a menu of choices of what you want to watch. It is not ‘time based’ and you won’t miss something on another ‘channel’.

  4. Is anyone having trouble logging into Netflix? My account is through iTunes and I’ve got the most up to date iOS on my appleTV. I can still watch Netflix through Safari.


  5. The “starting at” thing does not necessarily mean there will be a more expensive Apple TV model. It could simply come bundled with different content packages. So, for example…

    Apple TV – “starting at” $69.

    Apple TV with “Apple Internet TV” included for first year – $99

    Apple TV with “total content package” included for first year – $199

    Apple offers the Apple TV bundled with levels of paid content for discounted pricing. After first year, customer pays regular price for selected content service, at a monthly rate. Or customer can cancel or change paid content service

    Interestingly, I think Apple could also do the “opposite” and use a subsidy model, similar to iPhone, except Apple provides the subsidy.

    Apple TV – $69 – or FREE with one-year paid subscription to “Apple Internet TV”

    Apple gives alway the Apple TV at no upfront cost, in exchange for the customer committing to at least 12 monthly payments for the Apple content deal.

  6. I want it to have Siri integrated.

    The way I see it is the Apple watch will be the microphone so she can hear me anywhere in my home (private wifi). With Siri integrated into my Apple TV and home audio system then I can just tell Siri to change the channel, put on some music or control any and all devices in my home.

    If I have a programmed in lighting, alarm systems, garage doors, heating/cooling, etc. Siri should be able to control all these devices for me.

    My personal assistant that follows me around my home.

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